Hey guys,

Is there not going to be a Deluxe Edition for Living Things? By deluxe i don't mean like, an extra track or two... For ATS I bought the whole shabang. The package with two vinyls, an artwork book, a dvd, and special edition album.

I know it's still early days but I thought it was announced at the same time with ATS. So i'm going to be insanely disappointed if there's not a deluxe fan package like there was for ATS:/

If anyone has any info please fill me in!



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There probably wont be any

But whyyyy!? lol, it's SO annoying. The ATS deluxe package was nuts, got the vinyls framed on my wall and everything. I guess I should be grateful I got my hands on the ATS at all.

Rositsa Ivanova said:

There probably wont be any

The pre-order on the main website still doesn't work?

I hope they at least have Vinyl release

same here ;)

matthew sadana said:

I hope they at least have Vinyl release

I would like an ultimate package to be released later this year, maybe around the holiday season pending on sales and critic reviews. Maybe with an extra disc of 2-6 bonus tracks, a tour DVD, a T Shirt, and a 3 month trial of LPU.

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