I am a major fan of LINKIN PARK.... Like so bad.... but i have never seen them live.... they have played once in SCOTLAND and i didnt know about it.... sadly... u can say I am a bad fan... but generally I am not into this music... without the exception of LINKIN PARK.... I LOVE THEM... Why tour the UK, with out visiting SCOTLAND.... I AM DISAPOINTED... thot they wuda been about there fans n not the places they visit.... :( xx

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Mike and Dave said in an interview with rock radio that Linkin Park would be hopefully coming back to the UK this year to make it up to their scottish fans and give scotland a tour, but it's been a while and the Thousand Suns is nearly over so I guess they lied. I knew it, they're purposely avoiding us, every band does this to us, they forget scotland and tour in england all the time. Fucking Racist.

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