Simple enough..... since a lot of us (myself included) only know peeps by their screen names, I figured I'd ask thins..... What was your LPMB (& LPUMB if your a member) screen name(s) oh and your join date there :) Mine on both is dragonlp20 :P and join date for both was April 2003. (Post count was 4159 if I remember right :) ) The real name is Dan Gonzalez though, but yeah.... lol just call me Dragon :D

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My username's still cloudscream, and my join date was August 2006.
lpjoeylp? I dont even remember haha I wasnt really active on the forum, I was 24/7 on just the LPN chat page things for quite a while^_^ joindate.. 2006?
Hey Tiernan! *hugs*
I got bored of this place and that's why I haven't been around much.

Tiernan (Moderator) said:
SCOTT! I hope you'll be around, I've missed my buddy. *hugs you*

At first I used to be SilverFox (after SilverFox Jams, music artist name on on the LPMB, and for a couple years I've been in LPU. I've been known as Chmikster_Hahn on the MB there...

Then for some years I vanished and been doing other things, such as writing tons and reading comics/manga. Always with forums, I always tend to vanish for a while then come back.

So I've returned to the new not long ago as Chmikster_Hahn, and that will be my LP name forever more.

My real name is Marianne, or Mari for short if you prefer. Most folks online call me Mari anyway. :)
Hey Dan! Ur 1st person here I've known on old mb. Wheree is everybody? :( old username was the same, I joind lp mb in 2004 I htink.
I'm qwertz from the LPMB, I joined about a year and a half ago (me thinks but can't really remember).
hi guys =)
Mine last one was Ethereal Twilight. But I think I started as easyed but everyone thought I was a guy so then went to AbsolutGoddess for a while. Join date was May 2001. Site takes some getting used to.
yes this screen name is my real I don't have anything else to say

As this thread hasn't had any new activity, and there is another (more popular) thread here.....





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