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This Sunday will be the 10th anniversary of the worst terror attacks on US soil. It will be 10 years since NYC and the US changed forever. I can remember before 9/11 that the places that were getting attacked by terrorist were overseas, I'd thought that I'd never see the day in which my home city was attacked. Or feeling helpless and scared to death of thinking "is this the end of the world?"....This is my 9/11 story

I remember that day so vividly....It was a clear Tuesday morning, in which school had just started a few days prior. I was getting ready for work watching Ch. 7 (ABC here in the NYC area) and then the final shot was the city skyline (showing lower Manhattan like they always did). Little did I know that would be the last time that anyone would ever see that skyline or feel safe ever again........I was on my way to work, boarded the train and on the second stop noticed that we were not moving (when I commute, I listen to music to zone out everything) but the reactions on the faces of the passengers on that train made me stop what I was doing, I removed my headphones and thats when the conductor said it again "my wife just called me from our apartment in lower Manhattan, she said that a plane just hit the WTC". I was like "what??!!" and an image appeared in my head of the top of the building being on fire. The rest of the ride to work, I heard people speculating that it was an accident, but then again how could it be an accident? It was a clear day hardly any clouds in the sky......Remember this was 2001, we did not have Twitter or internet on our phones. When I finally got to my stop, I got off the train and ran towards my job since I knew that there was a TV and I can find out more information. When I got to my job I went into the CEO's office and he was watching it on the news, the image of people on the window ledges, the smoke.....I looked at him and he was pale, he did not say a word. I walked out of that office so confused and scared that I just broke down sobbing uncontrollably. My co-workers saw me and tried to console me but nothing worked (they had not seen the TV, for all they knew it was an accident).

A few minutes later while listening to the radio, another announcement comes on saying another plane has hit the the second tower of the WTC.....What the hell is going on? Then more reports, A plane just hit the Pentagon, another plane is missing and is said to be going to the Capitol Building.......Calls coming in from people reporting bomb threats at the Empire State Building.....My head was spinning in different directions....But the worst news was to come.......I worked with my older sister, by the time all the other things happened I guess I was in shock cause I was numb, My sister was keeping something from me....After seeing the second tower collapsing into the ground and the plume of smoke showering lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey, a co-worker pulled me to the side and said to me "Your sister needs you", I go to where she is and she's on the phone hysterical; I'm confused to whats going on, thats when our co-worker says to me "your dad was down there, he called your aunt to tell her he was fine but that the phone went dead around the same time the building collapsed"...the worst thing that could ever happen was happening to my family

The boss was going around talking to people trying to comfort them but I guess we were all in shock.....We left early that day since all means of transportation to and from the city was completely stopped. Our co-worker drove us home and it was so eery to see not a single car on the highway....and to see a huge smoke plume in the sky in the direction of the city was crazy.....we finally get home and we are still in shock not because of what happened in Manhattan but because we don't know where my dad is. At around 7pm I hear "hes home" I run outside and here's my father covered in ash/soot, he was a little red because of the heat. He collapsed on our stoop crying. I've never seen my dad cry but I was glad that he was safe, I was also thinking about the other families who would not have such a reunion like we did....He told us while he was working; he heard a plane flying really low to the point that it made the building he was in shake, he goes outside and sees the plane hit the building. His first instinct is to yell at everyone that was in front of his building to come inside to go to the basement, (he said that there were moms and nannies walking with children in their strollers, he grabbed them and told them to go to the basement. He works at a supermarket so he told everyone that was in the supermarket that once the doors were shut that no one was gonna go back outside unless the cops/firefighters told them to. He also told me that people were trying to go inside to by cameras so that they could take pictures of what was going on. The firefighters finally found them and evacuated them to Liberty State Park in NJ, they were taken there by boat. When they arrived there, that is when the buildings finally collapsed.

He told us that he was walking past homes and people were looking at him in shock because they knew he had just come from down there. A family saw him and offered him a place to stay for the night and freshen up. He thanked them for the generosity but just asked for a phone to call us to let us know that he was ok and that'd he find a way to get home.

I remember the Red Cross setting up blood drives because they thought that we'd find more survivors, but sadly NYC had more dead than alive that day.......

To think that it has been 10 yrs since that happened is mind boggling, NYC just experienced a small tremor yesterday afternoon and the only reason I knew of it was because a co-worker told me about it (our job is a certified bomb shelter that was made in the early 20th century, its the safest place to be) because someone text him and he followed it up on Facebook and Twitter. So much has changed in those 10 years, I know that I didn't lose my dad but I do feel somber on that day, because its seared into my head. The panic, the fear of not knowing what was going on.....

10 Years later its still hard to think about it. I talk to people about that day from time to time and hear different stories....When the memorial opens to the public next year, I will be there to pay my respects to all that had died that day just going to work....

R.I.P to all those who died on that terrible day

I was wondering if anyone else remembers that day and what you experienced........

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My best wishes.
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