Yo, I'm posting news and updates here for my band that I'm lead vocals/backup guitarist in called Shadow Eclipse, so check it out! Also, I'm posting lyrics from album to album until the official site is set up, so enjoy and reply!


I'll be posting in a few. BRB!


-Sarah Lovecraft.

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Shadow Eclipse - "Dark Beginnings EP"

1. Heaven's A Lie
2. Family Violence
3. Broken
4. 4 Walls

"Heaven's A Lie"

Insanity... it's a part of me x4

I hid from your eyes
Hell will rise
Your Christian eyes can deny
What you believe is a lie
I feel anger inside
Feeling the sickness run amok inside

We'll be fine, blood combined
Bitch, you're mine
Insanity within - your Bible is a lie
Heaven's a lie

You fell away
Nothing left to say
I freed my sexuality within
Not afraid to express what I held in
Sick of your ways
You're a false faith everyday


Why is everything so fucking hard for me? x4

(Watch this.)

6 (SIC) 6, yeah! x4

Chorus x2

Break x10


will post more of the lyrics from the ep soon bye for now

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