It said that the top 10'000 people got a second song. Which was Lies, Greed, Misery. I Believe it also said the top 1'000 sharers get a photo of linkin park that will never be used again. I am in this top 1000. when is the cutoff date for it? I really want this LP Poster/Picture. ANY INFO from PEOPLE WHO KNOW, would be appreciated!! Thank you all! 

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usually it may take up to 4-5 weeks.

It has been over 5 weeks and i still haven't got the picture from the Share to Earn Program i have filled out the redeem form so what is taking so long for it to come

Yeah.. Im sorry to be a bothersome but week 5 almost up. What if it was sent to someone else :(?

Rositsa (Moderator) said:

usually it may take up to 4-5 weeks.

Just got my hand burned CD prize!!!! So excited! However, I can't quite figure out who signed it. Its not signatures, more like initials, and there are 5. I can recognise Chester and Phoenix, possibly Brad, but the other 2 I can't tell who they are. So who was left out I wonder? Just waiting for the photo now. Many thanks guys, this is an awesome prize!

Still Nothing in the mail from it... I am supposed to get the picture and have yet to get it and it has been more than five weeks which the moderator said it would take and yet still nothing

I havent gotten my picture yet either and its October 18th! i gave them my mailing info in july..

Just to let you all know, my photo has just arrived! I'm in the UK by the way. The photo is 7 inches wide, its not signed, and is a shot of LP in concert. Although, it was taken at a distance so you can't see them too well. Chester is in a white t-shirt singing at the mic, and Mike is on the keyboard in the centre. Don't know which concert it is from so if anyone knows once their photo arrives?

Please, help me. I have got the LinkinPark´s Underground 9 CD. Inside the package there is a code of a year to Linkin Park Underground, but I do not know where to redeem the ticket. Please, help me.

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