Should Linkin Park Make a unique Guitar hero edition, like aerosmith and metallica have???

I would seriously love this as a big fan and not being able to play the guitar this is as close as it gets and would love the opportunity to be able to play linkin park the way it should be but for novices.

How does this go down with you fellow fans??

Maybe the more people that like or comment may get this to come to fruition

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Heck yeah! I have always wanted a Linkin Park guitar hero! I would love playing the "In Pieces" solo. It would also be cool if it had Dead By Sunrise and Fort Minor as bonus tracks. I dream for them to announce this almost every day....and I would probably be addicted to it for my entire life! I would even buy the game right when it is available. If this never happens, then I will be tempted to start my own video game company and make one.....

I think i would have to join you on that venture, its a shame as i only have guitar hero 3 and wourld tour and what ive done is the only one on there. maybe will have to start this on fb too


That would be a great idea!!!!!!!!

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