I thought I could hold in my patience for a linkin park scotland tour announcement but Linkin Park still haven't given us scottish fans a tour yet, and thanks to that, I've became terribly depressed and betrayed about it. I know I said that they would come to scotland in 2011 but i meant hopefully not definately.

I just can't wait any longer for LP to come to scotland, so for all you lucky bastards who do get to have tours, I hope you will enjoy yourselves and have great times while i battle with my jealousy.

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Hey dude. I feel your pain! I'm also from Glasgow, Scotland also and let me tell you I've been waiting 8 years for them to do a show here since my very first show in 2003! But with that said I decided to go to England for them man. Been to 4 shows over there so far and met them at London back in 2007! Though I have been turned down 3 times after that for a M&G oh well...I got front/2nd row anyway for most of them. I suggest that you should travel to England to see them. I don't think they will come here any time soon man...

is that suppose to make me feel better, if yes then its not working, i cant go to england because it costs a fortune to get there and i dont see why they keep going to places in england but none in scotland, dont you think england get more than enough tours than scotland, i'm starting to think that linkin park are actually avoiding scotland on purpose
Same with Ireland and Wales, I'm from Ireland and they only came here once and I couldn't go :( I think its a bit dumb they dont come to Ireland Scotland or Wales.
I know it sucks! I don't have a job myself yet but somehow I still manage to go to a few shows over to England. Keep in mind it's not the band, it's the tour managers fault for not booking them anywhere around here...
Also if you want to watch my clips from Birmingham last November you can do so by going here www.youtube.com/colinmreid but be aware of my singing! LOL

you're still making me feel worse mate, but yeah cool.

Ireland isn't part of the UK, not unless you mean Northern Ireland which is part of the UK

I agree that they need to tour all of GB as I live in Sheffield and the closest concert was Newcastle:( they need to come to Yorkshire I know you guys are doing download but the ticket prizes are mad, come to Sheffield again!!!! Germany gets a million chances a year to see you guys we don't :(

Come on guys, the UK as a whole gets a generous helping of concerts every tour, be thankful for that. If you only look at the individual countries within the UK and keep asking "Why don't they come here?" you will only be disappointed. Look at the UK as a whole and you will realize the generous helpings of gigs the UK gets, compared to some other countries, both in Europe and further afield. Sure, it can cost some money to go to these, but not nessicarily any more than some US fans will pay to cross to the other side of their State. Last time I checked, none of us were exactly whopping big countries with enormous populations all buying LP records.

Don't look at this situation as "England getting all the gigs" and "Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland getting snubbed by Linkin Park". They won't even look at it that way. They look at the United Kingdom as ONE country (as they are within their rights to do so) and assign concerts to some of the UK's largest cities and venues. Not surprisingly, most of the UKs largest cities (MOST, not all) are in England.

For example, Adam, I know what it's like having to travel to concerts dude, it can cost a bit and be a bit of a hassle, but come on man, Yorkshire to Newcastle is a stroll down the road compared to the traveling that some hardcore LP fans from abroad are prepared to do. And from Linkin Park's point of view, after a massive world tour trying to fit as many continents, countries and states into a few months of travel, they aren't going to be looking at a map and saying "Oh, hold on, we forgot about Yorkshire!" Don't take it as me trying to be a dick, I understand your position (I'm from Aberdeen, Scotland heading to London in a couple of weeks to see them) but at the end of the day, I respect their commitment to touring.


Hope you all get to see them someday soon guys!

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