So what, LPU is now nothing? Can we have some answers?

As if it wasn't bad enough when they announced the ridiculous price point to LPUX. Which is not only 4 times as high as it used to be for an online pass, but it comes with no cd, shirt, anything. If you don't know, LPU9 was taken offline 2 days ago, along with the entire website and the chat. So, as a pretty big user of the chat at the least, I'd like to know what is going on. The lpux page is nothing. You can buy lpu9 off of it, lpux cd and an lpux membership. Where is everything else? There are no forums, no chat room, no videos, no nothing. Where is all this stuff that's going to make LPUX the greatest thing ever? If we just got a word on it, that'd be great. So far we have nothing except that LPU9 is done and now LPUers can't do anything for what they paid for.

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Your right about everything you say,whats the point of shutting down the pevious wesite before getting the next one up and running first. They are happy to take our money and are now not providing the service as advertised. Also many LPU9 users were having trouble getting signed up before the deadline,it really is not up to us to sign up but for LPU to automatically transfer us. Sort it out LPU.
The main reason alot of people are i the LPU isnt because of all the benefits you get for being a member but for the community side of things (chat, blogs and message boards). Now that they are gone the LPU community is lost so we need those things back up and running soon cause thats what makes LPU special. Not pre-sales and M&G's. And since you guys are still working on the site, try to make the new one iphone friendly so ppl can use all the features like chat on their phones. We are living in an active world know where people want to be able to access all their online needs on the go. :-)
LPUX has been one misstep after another, especially on the public relations front. Hiking the price up, cutting the package and then not telling people what they'll actually be receiving beyond "it'll be awesome! :D"
And now shutting down before getting the new site up and running.

The whole thing has been a giant clusterfuck.
I'm extremely relieved that I managed to get another free month of LPU added on to my membership, otherwise I would have expired 3 days ago. But at the same time, I'm kinda glad I haven't renewed for LPUX yet. The transition of the site from Clique to Ning (which we have yet to see) is taking a lot longer than most expected it to. And it was a big mistake on their part for taking the site down before the other was up and running. If they expect people to want to renew and adjust to these "awesome" new changes, they're going to have to do a much better job of convincing.

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