So you hate LP's CHANGE in music? - Mike Shinoda & Jay-Z said it best about "change"!

For those of you that continue whining about Linkin Park's change in sound and their radical departure from nu-metal, either 1) accept the change, 2) continue listening to just their old albums or 3) jump off the LP train altogether because there is no going back for them. They've mentioned this numerous of times over the years in articles, interviews and most recently at a private ATS listening party I attended last month at Warner Bros Records. They are not looking backwards in sound and music; they are looking forward in creating something innovative, new and fresh which is what they have done with this incredible, epic new album. It's an album for our times! Name another band who would dare to take this approach in change while at the height of their popularity? Keep in mind, that this is the same daring approach they took to create the nu-metal, rap/rock/electronica sound we all grew to love from 'Hybrid Theory', 'Meteora' and before that during their 'Xero' days.    

But things cannot stay the same. There is a word called "Evolution" for a reason; because without evolution, things such as life would die. Things that don't change die and the same applies to music. Evolution and change creates longevity. LP continues to evolve. They are no longer the 20-something year old musicians you want them to be. They have matured and are no longer singing to a core group of nu-metal fans...they are singing to the world...for the world... and you will either have to accept this change or move on to something that satisfies your thirst in music.  The fact remains that as long as they continue to evolve and change, LP will be around the music scene for a long time to come and that's a good thing!

It's ridiculous how people always fight change; just read the blogs and forums about ATS. Those of you complaining about this change in sound are missing part of the message that the album is sending...THAT WE NEED CHANGE IN THE WORLD...yet you're fighting the very message that your favorite band is sending. Change is good. It keeps things innovative, fresh and alive! 

Every great musician/artist/group has changed with the times. If you know your music history, then you know this to be a fact. Is it just coincidence that two of the greatest talents, LP and Jay-Z collaborated a few years ago and that Mike and Jay-Z have the same view of people not being able to accept change? I think not - Great minds think alike. Its too bad that with this new album, some of us 'get it' and for others, it will just take a little bit longer to catch up...

Jay-Z from "On to the Next One"

Hov on that new shit...niggas like how come?

Niggas want my old my old album

Niggas stuck on stupid...I gotta keep it moving

Niggas make the same shit...Me, I make the blueprint

Shinoda from "When They Come for Me"

Cause even a blueprint is a gift and a curse

'cause once you got a theory about how the thing works

Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first

And i'm not a robot, i'm not a monkey

I will not dance even if the beat is funky

Opposite of lazy, far from a punk

Ya'll oughta stop talking

Start trying to catch up mother-fucker

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You're right. We think alike, read my discussion

I'm gonna start this by saying that you catch more bees with honey. In other words, attacking people with your intense opinions is not making your precious "LP" look any better. Instead of insinuating that the fans, who have spent years following this band specifically for their unique sound, are afraid of change you might try understanding their reasoning behind it before assuming their close-minded. If you've taken the liberty upon yourself, Lance2769, to speak for "LP" as you call it, you might want to be sure your not making them look bad by telling their fans to "Get over it". I'm not disagreeing with your "music evolution" theory but I am disagreeing with the way your insulting the most important part of Linkin Park... THEIR FANS!!!!  I would hope that the actual band doesn't see their fan base as expendable as you do, because the message. "Like it or Fuck-off" seems a little too conceded for my taste. Take into account that the only reason they are even capable of creating this "new sound" is  because of the fans who supported and connected with their originality depicted in Hybrid Theory and Meteora. You tried to make a point by saying and I quote: " Name another band who would dare to take this approach in change while at the height of their popularity?" My response to this is if they are as original as your so desperately defending they wouldn't have "evolved" into a sound that we have all heard since the 90's when Savage Garden was topping charts. How long has it been since they've dropped an album...? I can't speak for everyone but I can assure you that Hybrid Theory and Meteora were as original as they are ever going to be. There is no other sound like it, and never will be. If originality and wanting to be unique are their key reasons for this drastic change than why are they just now starting to sound like everything else I have ever heard? Granted that they did have to be incredibly unique to create the sound we used to know as Linkin Park, one cannot continue to be such by trying to jump to such a polar opposite. Since when did the "evolution of music" translate into conforming to a different genre to avoid being "labeled" by the genre they came from. There is always going to be a category for every type of music ever produced. So does that mean that they're next album is going to be country so they're not conforming to the genre of MAINSTREAM that they've created for themselves in this failed attempt at originality? If that is the case than they are still conforming to being non-conformists, which is not unique. You've stated your thoughts on the importance of evolution and even went as far as saying, "If things don't evolve they die", but what your ignoring is that they had already done so with this " nu-metal rap/rock " genre that was completely their own. Meaning that they have not evolved into something new, but digressed into a sound that everyone that grew up in the 90's has already heard. If they are, as you put it, "No longer singing to nu-metal fans", than how exactly are they singing to the world now? Linkin Park changing from a sound all their own into a corporate "radio friendly" sell-out, is about as appealing as the Jonas Brothers trying to be the next big thing in death metal... Just because it's not something you would expect does not make it unique. maybe you should try learning the definitions of the words your using when you try to make your point instead of trying to give lessons on Darwinism. It's not just about the message they are trying to send, but also about the style in which they present it. Instead of accusing the fans of being afraid of change maybe you should stop and consider that perhaps "LP" is threatened by their own originality. They took the easy way out by hiding in the backwash of mainstream instead of finishing what they started. If you haven't noticed this "epic new album", hasn't even compared to the record sales they achieved with the sound they are abandoning. I agree that change is necessary however the were that change when they didn't sound like anything else we've ever heard. You said were arguing with the message our favorite band is sending, whats that message? Be original to get popular then turn around and conform to the most unoriginal sound existing in the media today. When they collaborated with Jay-Z they still maintained their own sound while combining it with that of others, instead of simply changing everything about who they led us to believe they are. They didn't evolve. They adapted, and badly. Agreeing with everything a band says and does while insulting the people that made them doesn't make you a fan. Enjoying their music makes you a fan. The only point they are making with this "new sound" is that their fans are expendable because they can always change their sound and find new ones. Plus there will always be fans like you that will listen to them making fart noises if they claim their just being misunderstood by their big mean fans that treat him like a "robot"!!! 

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