Some Things to Consider Now That the New Album is Here

So I listened to the album a few times now. Not really my taste. I guess you might say I outgrew LP with this album or perhaps they just outgrew me! In any case, I'm not really here to discuss that. I would just like to bring some observations to the table.

Now from what I have seen on the forums, it looks like more and more people are "jumping ship." And that's fine, right? Everyone has their own tastes and are entitled to like whatever music they wish. One thing I think we can all agree on is that the sound of the new album is the furthest from "Hybrid Theory". 

HT is the original album that brought the good majority of the fans to the table. It is only natural to think that those who were first drawn to the band's original sound may not like the direction the latest (and to a certain degree, M2M) album has headed. They get discouraged and "jump ship". Some may come back. Some may not.

So what happened? We aren't exactly sure. Some may argue that the members of LP are true artists, not to be swayed by public opinion and to try and constantly evolve their musical arsenal through passion and heart. Others may argue that they may be "out of touch" with a good portion of their fanbase. Some may even argue that LP feels it has outgrown or has grown weary of it's roots and is trying to find greener pastures. I'm sure there are other theories, but you get the idea.

One fact doesn't lie. Album sales are slipping with each progression. LP's long-time fanbase is slowly becoming a niche group. It is never a good sign to see just about as many people saying they "dislike" an album as that say they "like it" on a band's official forum. Dark days, my friends. May they be temporary and short-lived.

Just a thought. If someone says they don't like an album, don't get defensive and feel the need to attack that person. They either really don't like the album, or they are trying to get on your nerves. You don't need everyone to agree with you in order for you to like, or even dislike something. If you like something, that's what matters. 

Anyways, that's my rant, thanks for listening!

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I didn't like Minutes to Midnight, so I get it that there will be alot of people who don't like A Thousand Suns. But they're going way overboard and saying it's "garbage" and talking all kinds of trash. Some of these people, I suspect, haven't even heard the record. What I think is really going on is just a troll attack on the forums.
Nerd, I think you have a point.
This is a few days after the record was released, and a lot of the people coming to complain have not really posted, never posted, or have never been active here.
This is probably just the storm before the calm, is my guess.
I respect everyone's opinion, and I have not tried to argue, just give my on point of view, in the least aggravating way possible.
That being said, I know a lot of the regulars and active fans on a few different LP sites, or I know of them through the LP circles, and only a couple of LP's long time fans seem to have jumped ship.
I don't necessarily think losing a few fans when you release an album is anything new to most bands, and seeing the drastic genre-shift with A Thousand Suns, I see them making a lot of new fans, who will probably go back and buy at least one of the older records.
This is a flood, the aftermath is going to be what is important, and I like the album, so I will be around to see that, thankfully.

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