Someone please, help us, or communicate with us.

I don't normally like to get involved in issues surrounding this site.
a) because many of the moderators are my friends and

b) because those who speak up seem to make it worse, not better.


This time, I feel I have no choice. There are currently 354 pages of spam in the FAQ forum, and hundreds of other threads that have nothing to do with FAQ's, dating back as far as November 2011.

Now please get me straight here, I want to make it clear that I am NOT judging the amount of work that is done by, or the dedication of, the moderators on this site.

What I am judging is that I can't come to what is supposed to be Linkin Park's main community, one that has existed for many years, and share my opinions with other fans (and my friends), without it being pushed off the page by spam bots.

A lot of energy is put into all the LPU sites, and that's great for people who are members, but there are many people on THIS site, like myself, who could never afford the fee to join that site, because if we paid it, we wouldn't eat for a week.

You took away our chat, I wasn't really surprised by that because I stopped using it myself due to all the spam, but that *was* disappointing. Now we don't even have a proper forum to use because it's being destroyed by spam bots and people who don't know where to post.

I don't know what the solution is, I'm not a programmer, I don't work for NING, and I haven't been offered the opportunity to help moderate, but I'm asking for communication about what the intention is, at the very least.

Please, Linkin Park, Adam, all of you hard working moderators, please do not forget us.
Many of us feel like we are being shunned in favour of LPU, and I am sorry if that is offensive to anyone, or if YOU (reading this) feel like that is incorrect. The FACTS are: Linkin Park regularly visit LPU, and not, and staff members regularly moderate and communicate with LPU members, and do not do so with members. If you can show me evidence to the contrary, I'm more than happy to withdraw that statement.
I am a Linkin Park fan. I volunteered my time for Music For Relief, I regularly download to donate, when I want new music I can afford, instead of buying from iTunes, and I make an effort to make the community on this website a fantastic experience for everyone I communicate with.
All I am asking for here is some communication, and maybe an offer for us to help with a solution, in return for my, and many other members, dedication and support.

There are many of us in different time zones to the Moderators who ARE responsible enough to help you keep the forums clean. Give us a chance. We want this site to succeed.

Adam, Mods, Linkin Park, with respect, please help us, or let us help you.

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we are working at the moment on forum clean up.  be patient.  we actually do have mods from many times zones.



I know that, on both counts. My point is that it's not working. In the last 3 hours the FAQ's have again fille with spam. I've been watching this happen for 6 months Tami. How patient are we expected to be Tami?
I know Adam is trying to get NING to find a way to stop the spam bots. All I'm asking, as I have said, is a little more communication. I've spent 3 hours trying to find the thread I need and I still can't find it.
I'm a long time member of the site, I understand what's going on, but most people aren't, because the long term members are so fed up they are leaving due to a lack of communication on this.
You know that, it's been happening for a year now!
It's even started a rivalry with LPA. A site which once co-operated with this one.
And you don't have mods under the equator, so there will always be a gap.
Once again, this is not a criticism, it's a genuine cry for help. Is this going to need a drastic solution, and I fully understand the meaning of drastic when it comes to this site, or is it a matter of too many Indians and not enough chiefs?

the increase of spambots is a glitch on ning's part.  hopefully they fix it as soon as possible.  the bots find loopholes with ning's software.  we are working with ning to catch these loopholes.  we dont start rivarly with sites.  e-beefing is pointless.


as for communication, we will strive to do better.  however we hope to get a stick thread option because when we do communicate what we post usually gets bumped down by users.  all good things come to those who wait.

Thanks heaps Tam, now it makes a bit more sense.
I will continue to do my best to report only necessary items and ignore the spam bots until you find a solution.

I know that the staff of this site specifically did not start a rivalry, but it exists whether you acknowledge it or not, I do agree that it's ridiculous and pointless. Hopefully when NING does sort out the issues with this site LPA won't have anything to say anymore.

A sticky feature would help a lot. The thread I'm talking about was a communication by staff, and I still can't find it. I've given up now lol.
It's good to see you back in full force Tami. It's been a while :)
Thank you for listening, and Dan and Adam, who always heed my messages on Twitter. It really is appreciated.

again ignore the spambot and report.  i got no reports on it until someone reported a different one.  report them for us so we know they are there

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