I like a lot of the songs from Linkin Park's album - Songs from the Underground album. I am not a LPU member though. Is there any way that I can still buy the album? Or do you have to be a LPU member to get it?

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You can purchase them from the LPU store. I have seen some CDs in stores, but only in Austria. I am not sure if you can find them elsewhere. A simple membership costs 20$ or 10$ for one month. So I guess that should be ok? :)

So you have to be a LPU member to purchase from the LPU store? Does the 1 month free trial from LIVING THINGS count? $10-$20 for a membership for a month? What do you get with that purchase? Does it go along with my other post? Where you can meet and greet at concerts?

The trial membership from Living Things would no work. You have o purchase at least the 25$ membership, which is annual in order to be able to shop any merch or CDs from the Underground store.
If you want a M&G you have to apply for the show you are going to. You then have to get chosen. If you are on the list, you will receive an e-mail one week or a couple of days prior the show, which confirms that you have been selected.

Oh, I was hoping that the Living Things Trial would work. What does the Living Things Trial do? Just let you get onto the LPU site? I'd like to purchase the $25 membership, but I am not 18 (my parents would have to do it for me. They don't exactly know who Linkin Park is... They claim that some of their songs are "annoying.") How much is it to get the M & G option? The $60 subscription? How would you apply? The reason I would be getting the LPU would be to meet and greet them at the concert... And maybe buying the Songs From the Underground album. If I bought the M & G package, would it only be me meeting them? Or could I bring my friend? (Would she need a LPU subscription to meet them too?)

So here is how the whole thing works:
It was my mistake... we do not offer monthly memberships anymore.
You can chose between LPU 11 Pass and LPU 11 Plus Pass.

LPU 11 Pass costs $25 and includes:

LPU11 laminate and lanyard for early entrance to Linkin Park Shows
Chances (not guaranteed!!!) for Meet & Greets at Linkin Park concerts
Access to concert Presale Tickets and Best Seats for LPU
Access to International Summit Events (additional fee required for Summit pass)
Live Video Chats with members of Linkin Park
Monthly LPU Auctions and Giveaways of LP gear and fan experiences
Access to entire LPU-TV and LPTV Downloadable Archive
Online Community Access and Connections to LP fans from around the world

LPU11 Plus Pass costs $60 and includes:

Entire limited edition LPU11 merchandise package:
Earplug case with earplugs
LPU11 Flag
Lanyard and membership laminate
Access to LP events including International LPU Summits (no additional fee for Summit pass)
Also includes all LPU11 Pass benefits
Offer subject to change and based on availability. $60 price includes worldwide shipping

You have access to everything with those 2 memberships.

The Living Things Trial offers you something like a short "tour" on the website, so you could check out what it offers.

You can find all those things here: http://lpunderground.com/

You cannot purchase a M&G, you have to be selected. There are lists with people who RSVP for that and many of them get selected, but not all. The M&G is only for 1 person! You cannot bring a friend with you. The only thing you can do is to get an early entrance to LP shows with the laminate (comes with both memberships) and get a friend with you.

If you are not 18, you should ask your parents for pay for the membership. The membership will be on your name, but the payment will be on your parent's name.

I had a similar issue with my parents. They never liken LP, so I had to wait until I turned 18 to join LPU. I hope that you will be able to convince them that this is important to you :)

If you have any more questions, let me know!

Ok, thanks for all the info!

Is the $25 membership to LPU for a month or for a year? What about the $60 membership?

Both $25 and $60 are for one year

After the year membership is over, if you paid with a credit card, will they ask you to re-subscribe or will they just charge it to the credit card for another year? What payment methods are you able to use?

After the year membership is over, the membership is over and that's it. They will NOT automatically charge you for another year and renew your membership. You have to do this on your own. You are signing up for ONLY one year

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