I am 37 and pretty much open to all music even opera.
I'm a person that uses music to cope with life , helps me escape and get into my drawings ..
few musicians have made an impact on me cuz, i'm picky about the creative end.
LP has made their own sound that most can't pull off in my eyes.
  The song 'Crawling' touches me in a very personal way.cuz of the hand I was dealt ..
Could go on forever bout each of LP's songs ,how boring would that be hehe..
  Linkin Park THANK YOU!!!
hugs with every inch of my mind,

Tags: crawling, feelings, lp, music, thank you

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Damned! by Lindsey Ashlum
nov 22, 2010

God damned me as I know,
I was born damaged goods from day one,
my cry were all haunted, tears unwanted,dreams had limits
Life was a lie.
Normal never hit these ears.
the voices all chimied you are not human, you're less than us,
So shut up.
damned in this body,
damned for my miind,
damned that I felt,
damn how they've lied.
where is the merciful father you all whisper about?
does he know or care who's play his role right damn now,
does he care about The victims of his offspring
how they've messed with our bodies,
meessed with our minds,
damned our souls,
damned our lives.
does it matter or are you all blind.
Do you believe now, we have been labeled as animals
we have no voice,
we have no feelings
we have no minds.
we should just die.

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