hey guys,
Just saw the general discussion board so ignore my failed attempt at shamelessly promoting myself on a site/thread that is dedicated to Linkin Park fans welcoming each other to the forum.


(NOTE: if you like my music, please join the mailing list, if you don't...walk away...quickly)

I am an amateur rapper from Malaysia. I'm a diverse listener so i do try to add in as much of the music styles i like into my music although i am still testing the waters.

The album, was recorded using a cheap mic and production skills of an 8 year old with an eye patch.

So please, pardon the almost whispering voice of mine in some of my songs.

I am currently trying to improve that as i go along as this is my first time producing my own beats rather than rapping over a friend's or some 'free' instrumental beat i downloaded off some malware farm website.

Anyway, thanks for reading up to this part if you did.
and a BIG ASS THANK YOU if you listen to my songs, whether you like it or not....

Tags: Stereomanic, a, amateur, boredom, clan, eminem, fort, gaga, lady, meteora, More…minor, pistols, rapper, sex, suns, tang, thousand, wu

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Keep making music! I'm totally into rap/hip hop. I really like your beats, lyrics and flow (i just checked out Home Sweet Home and Freedom of Speech).
Just keep it up, ok! :)
Thanks. i appreciate the compliment.
I am glad you like it. It makes up for the time i spent on my songs.
Although production wise it can be better but due to my budget and the overly priced studio equipment here in Malaysia, i have my hands tied behind my back.

But keep visiting the site and if you can, please share it with your friends. i will definitely appreciate the help.

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