Hey guys, I'm new to the site.  Just wanted to say I've been a fan since Hybrid theory first came out and I'm loving their new CD.  Really hoping they'll come to Salt Lake City on their tour. 

Anyway, I'm setting up a home studio for my own music, and to record other bands.  I have prior experience but I'm looking to start upgrading some of my equipment.  Does anyone know what microphone Chester is singing to in all the videos on the home page?  With google I read he was endorsed by Audio-Technica but that doesn't look like any microphone that I'm familiar with.  It looks similar to some of the MXLs but from what other producers have told me, they're not so great.

I have 3-4 different high quality vocal mics in mind, but since Chester is one of my favorite singers and I love his voice on the new cd, I thought I'd do some more research.  If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated!  Thanks.  =)

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well, on his page on this site it says Audio-technica, so if they are not good prolly need to do some more research. GL =D
Audio Technica are great mics and I know he uses them live. I just have NO idea what he was using in the studio during those videos.

For A THOUSAND SUNS, in Mike's home studio they use a Neumann U 47 or the Telefunken U 47. The Neumann U 47 is a vintage tubed condenser microphone used by many different famous vocalists. The Telefunken U 47 is a newer model and most likely the one chester uses for his vocal parts.

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