I have waited time and time again, and absolutely...still no scotland tour, well you know what guys I've fucking had it, I'm through with waiting for a tour. Hope all you lucky fucks who are getting tours that you're enjoying yourselves.

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Oh please, don't be so rude about the band, that's really disrespectful. Linkin Park and their tour management look at the UK as one country, and pick the cities according to the size of the cities and the venues available to them in those cities. When you take the UK as one country, we get proportionally far more concerts than your average country outside the United States. You only need to look at the number of people on the boards shouting "Come to Hungary!" or "Come to Mexico" or "Come to Wherever" to realize how lucky you are to get gigs in your country (the UK).


Compare the size (and population) of Scotland to some of the States in the US and you'll see why it's no surprise that Scotland rarely gets shows. Heck, the distance you have to travel from Scotland to Manchester/Birmingham and probably even London is LESS that the distance that some US fans have to travel across ONE STATE.

In fact, when you consider the sheer number of concerts that Linkin Park have in the UK, your statement: "Hope all you lucky f**ks who are getting tours that you're enjoying yourselves" is utterly ridiculous, since you, as a citizen of the UK, get a BUNCH of tour dates virtually every tour.

Am I against Linkin Park coming to Scotland? Of course not, it would be great to see them here, but seriously, it's not a big deal. We are part of the UK, and we get loads of chances to see them. Don't be so rude, respect the guys for their commitment to touring. And chill out dude.

Then how do you explain the Linkin Park UK tour in 2010 ?

Basically that was just an English Tour. Cause all they ever did in that tour was play in england when they could have at least added 1 scotland tour, but no they didn't, they always snub scotland from their UK tours.

and besides, I notice that everytime a band/artist does a UK tour, england get the most tours for themselves and scotland only gets 1 or none at all.

Of course England get the most shows, the population of London by itself is the same as the entire country of Scotland. England is bigger and many, many times more populated than Scotland, it's perfectly normal and to be expected that they would get more shows than Scotland.

Remember, like I said before, the band (and their tour management) won't look at our islands and say "Look, there's England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, let's give them all shows", they look at it and say "Look, there's the United Kingdom. Let's give them some shows in some of their biggest cities/biggest venues." If you treat the United Kingdom as four totally separate, isolated countries, you will inevitably be disappointed when you discover that Linkin Park doesn't tour each of those separate countries. But if you look at the UK as one country (the way Linkin Park does) you'll realize how many shows we get and how fortunate we are. Sure, they might all be in England, but like I said, England is many times bigger, and contains most of the UK's large cities. Like I said before, if Linkin Park ever go to Scotland, fantastic, I'm there! But I don't see that happening.

It might sound like I'm trying to be a dick to you, but that's not what I'm trying to say at all. I'm just trying to point out how lucky we are to get so many shows in the UK, even if we have to travel a little bit for them. I hope you get to see them soon man, I know you'll enjoy it enough to make the travel worth it.

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