I thought it would be nice if whoever was at the Meet and Greet in Sunrise yesturday could some and just chat about the Meet and Greet, the show, and whatever else we wanted to. I will be posting some pics shortly! Till then...I had a great time at the show it was a great show this being my 3rd I was not loving my seats but I have never had seats this far before (row 25) but being I took my sis and this was her first rock concert I got seats instead of GA. Anyways, it was still awsome! I think beside the obviouse one of my favorite things was singing happy birthday to Rob that was funny...

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Hey, sorry to butt in, but I was wondering if any of you know about how many LPU members were at your M&G... I hear they're letting more people in this year than the last time they toured, but I wasn't sure how big the groups were this time around. Thanks for any info you can offer.  =)
There were only 50.
Okay, cool. Thanks.  =)

Gmktbac said:
There were only 50.

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