Every Swede here that want's Linkin Park to come to Sweden write in this thread. They have been to Stockholm before, so please write here so they see we want them to come.

I just hope a lot of Swedes are members!

Please Linkin Park, Come to Stockholm!

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Yes please Linkin Park, come here.
I'm so sad i missed you when you came here the first time.
I was sick.

Please come here!!
Please linkin park come to Sweden Stockholm

Linkin park make me happy please
They still havn't added Sweden to the Tour list.

I'm a little embarassed that were only 3 Swedes on the forum. Or at least that checks the forum.

Roger - You are correct. But don't blame us for only being three people, blame all the people.


I don't think Linkin Park looks at forum members only. I mean just look at their last concert in Sweden. I was there, the place was packed, it was a great show! I think they look at these things also.


But you are right, were are all the Swedes?


See ya the 14th of June. (i haven't bought tickets yet, i feel ashamed, but i had no cash, so i had to wait for this months salary) :S

hmm, personal som kan bara läsa engelska. skulle jag tro.

Varför skriver vi på engelska när alla pratar svenska? Det är ju vanligtvis för att de ska läsa. Men nu spelar det ju ingen roll...



Vilka taggar globen i juni då?
Jag kirra biljetter så fort de släpptes på ticnet ;)
Mats: tänkte väl jag då

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