Haha, what LP forum would be complete without this discussion?! And, since it's a new forum, I get to start it out on #1. Woohoo!
Soooo, Say What's On Your Mind!

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This is like the worst SWOYM thread eva. :'(

Came back to see if there are spamm0rz about how Linkin Park shouldn't play in Israel like they do in tons of other MBs once artists book shows here, but nope. Even they could see this place is dead haha.
I can't believe this thread still exists.
It was dead in 2008, why would it be less dead 2 years later?
Today I got insulted and had illogical rhetoric thrown at me by Adam Baldwin, and was famous for 5 minutes on google. Now there's nothing to do and I'm probably going to play Alpha Centauri.
What a weird day.
i thought with the new album this board would be a bit more active, but apparently i was wrong...
anyways, im so happy about the new my chem album <3
I don't give a fuck about what you think and your reason. When you see us, you better know who the fuck we are. How stupid do you think I am? She nearly died for this, and I nearly died working my ass off. Ok, we don't belong. This rage of hatred and these lies passing right in front of my eyes, makes me sick. Fuck I hate that you can breathe. We've never taken it further than this.

Kick their asses, preep.

You wouldn't like it because you wouldn't like it. I know you. I know how you are and I know what you like. And you wouldn't like something like this for sure. That's who you are. A bit biased but that's who you are. I wanted to tell you but... it's not like you would enjoy it anyway. Your reply to my question just proved how much you wouldn't like it. So, we'll just leave everything how it is, okay? You've never liked such things and well, you never gonna. And that's okay. You also don't need to know everything about me because you don't have to. You say I shouldn't mind, it's your own business. Well, then don't interfere with mine either. I don't want to tell you and that's it. Maybe you are the one who doesn't know me at all....

Long first weeks of school who knew high school could be so aggravating ....i just hate when people say i have no friends i have plenty of friends.....i also hate when people say LP sucks i know thts their opinion but if u wont talk to me just because what music i listen to than just dont talk to me at all so and dont get me started on Family ugh i wish my Lp family was my real family

i love my job, i love my job, i love my job :P

[my lp job that is :P]

Heidi :P
lactose intolerance and brain tumor. Broke and need a new camera. At least i got a another job which i like. I'm so afriad of passing out yet again, every cramps feels like the same one. I'm scared to death. 

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