Haha, what LP forum would be complete without this discussion?! And, since it's a new forum, I get to start it out on #1. Woohoo!
Soooo, Say What's On Your Mind!

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it doesn't matter if the PHX bench outplayed the LA starters in games 3 & 4 or whatever...LA beat them in the end...and went on to win the championship again
I lol'ed when I read I had to take a "stagecoach" to get there. But it'll be a damn long trip =(

Damn... I'm bored out of my mind.
Tired as hell. I'm thinking of to put a photo on my profile, but nah.
Hmmmm... They should have appointed more than one co-leader, at least two, so they could discuss things or at least make better arrangements. The times he picked for the meeting are fine, I can handle that, but... he's so unsure about stuff. I think I'm the most active person on there <_< I checked back every day, haven't seen anyone else do that. We'll see how that meeting works out tomorrow/tonight lol.
I'm gonna sleep now, it's so damn late again...
Okay, when is life going to stop sucking?! *screams*
Can't be bugged now. These next two days are over-stuffed. I'm not too happy about that. Okay, I'll be busy and blah, what have you not, but I have other stuff to sort out and because of this mess I can't get anything done. I hope work will be fun tonight and I hope I'll shoot just as many targets as last time.
I need coffee. And tonight I'll have some beer again. I'll stay below the 10 limit though, because that was fucking nuts.
forums.linkinpark.com > linkinpark.com/forum
This is stupid.
Why is my sleeping schedule so fucked up? This is getting ridiculous, not to mention, so out of hand. I'm guessing things finally came crashing down... I'll better go to the doctor, because I need something to sleep. And then I need to cross the bridge in this awful weather to go buy food for when my friend comes over tomorrow to stay with me for three days. I'm sick of this... This is insane.
Screw life and screw all of these incompetent people as well.

A good start for another horrible week.
Nice, things keep going down the drain, eh? In between babysitting my older sister and rarely gaming, I'll also have another funeral to attend to. Shit keeps getting better and better. This world's fucking sick and messed up I tells ya... At least this time, it's not a family member, but it was an awesome teacher though =(
I'm hungry, but I lost the key to my desk drawers, where all my food is, and I don't have any money.
Dex is left starving today :(

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