Haha, what LP forum would be complete without this discussion?! And, since it's a new forum, I get to start it out on #1. Woohoo!
Soooo, Say What's On Your Mind!

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WOOKIE!!!!!! :D

Ignacio Alpuin said:
I hope their new album is better than this new site.
all of this new stuff looks nice^_^
shame you lost all of your old sites, but this is way better tho=)
hope the new album will be just as much progress from M2M, as this new LP site will be if you look at the old 1?:)
I should probably do my homework once I'm done ripping No Line On the Horizon. Gosh, I can't believe I didn't notice I didn't have this synced onto here. I feel like a bad U2 fan now. ): I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of them, but still. I didn't have them on here. Well, at least I'm ripping it now. And then it's off to do history homework before anyone important tries to talk to me!
I fucking hate those kind of "I'm-awesome-and-I-totally-rock-and-I'm-sooooooooooo-intelligent" kids. I hate those 15 somethings who think they rule the world and are just awesome because they play games for adults. I hate people who misinterpret what you say and use it against you, although they totally miss your point. They don't even try to understand your reasoning, they just say: "no, you're wrong." Fuck you, fuck you, you little cunts. This was definitely the last time I did that, fuck those people....
An only 2 days school week; Monday and Tuesday free, Wednesday snow day. Tomorrow weekend again :)

Although the "pain" in the morning wasn't cool at all. Hopefully everything is fine with me :X
Jesus, this layout took me completely by surprise. Did not expect this at all.

Vhailor's dead. Mike A is reborn.
Great, great, great, great...

I fucking hate everyone.
GOD. AWFUL MONDAY. PC broken, school mates shit, mother screaming and complaining. I am fucking drowning.
Why don't you fuckin text me baaaack??!?! grrrmbll >:|
Every time she says she loves me, I melt into a puddle of grinning goo. <3
Flushing out what's on my mind, or attempting to.

I'm responsible. Doesn't my dad see that I am? And damn my wet sleeve. I got angry and got my shirt sleeve wet while loading the dishwasher while fuming in my head. >=|

I'm hating this winter. I wish the snow would just stop piling up. God have mercy and don't let it snow too damn hard!!
Mwahahahaha! I was wondering if you'd make your way here!

Mike A said:
Jesus, this layout took me completely by surprise. Did not expect this at all.

Vhailor's dead. Mike A is reborn.

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