Haha, what LP forum would be complete without this discussion?! And, since it's a new forum, I get to start it out on #1. Woohoo!
Soooo, Say What's On Your Mind!

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I'm dissapointed :/ old mb was so much better :/
I hate knowing they're making out in the room right next to me, while also knowing it could be me he's making out with right now, and not her, had I just fucking asked him out. :/
uhm, completely nothing o_o
I hate when people write several pages for science, when all you need to do is fucking read. The subject is so goddamn easy, and you just haaaave to write 20 pages. J, I get better grades, and i barely write anything.
i could have gone outside and look for a girl to get with today for valentine's day. but instead i stayed inside and did nothing.

oh fuck it.
Let's Turn it Again...
Last night in London, heading back to Manchester tomorrow.
I love how some people don't know how to or don't care to read ..... :P
or they just like making my job difficult :P

Oh, and I am getting tired of all the snow.....

Smoke break time :) Later bitches ^_^ lol
We could have shared a cig, but no. Also, not to myself; NEVER say you just bought a 10pk, and used it all on one day.
Partey today. I'm sure Nina, David and Mirjam will get drunk pretty quick but I do not have any intentions to. Oh well, I might sketch a few things for Nina there since I couldn't finish her birthday gift but I don't think she will be too angry. I'll also bring my sketches and scraps with me... so I may let her choose on of them as a kinda birthday present replacement.

now here the most typical girly question ever: So.....what should I wear?
I've listened to Adrift and at Peace by NIN so many times now. I can't believe she dedicated it to me. It's so beautiful. I hope she's on later so I can ask her why. And FINALLY I have an answer of a song I'd dedicate to her. A Warm Place by NIN. Why? Because that song is calming, and makes me feel all around better about life in general, kind of like she does. <3

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