This enigma is like the one of A.Einstein.According to him,98% of people are incapable to solve his enigma.
So challenge yourselves,don't give up and be ones of the 2%.
There are 5 albums classified in grades,each album is owned by a fan from different continent.Each fan follows one member of the band on twitter,plays one game & likes different song (not necessary a song of the album that they own).
1-The American owns Hybrid Theory.
2-The Australian likes Irridescent.
3-The African follows Mike Shinoda.
4-Minutes To Midnight is classified after A Thousand Suns.
5-Minutes To Midnight's owner follows Phoenix.
6-Who plays Medal Of Honor likes A Place For My Head.
7-Who follows Chester Bennington owns the album that holds the middle rank.
8-Who owns Living Things plays Recharge.
9-The Asian owns the album whose grade is the first.
10-The player of Limbo is near the one who likes Castle Of Glass.
11-Who likes Breaking The Habit is near the one who plays Recharge.
12-Who plays Silent Hill follows Joe Hahn.
13-The Asian is near the one who owns Meteora.
14-The European plays Resident Evil.
15-The player of Limbo is near the one who follows Brad Delson.

The questions:
Who likes Lost In The Echo?
What's the probability that a fan follows Rob Bourdon in addition (all fans have the same chances)?

It's easy,don't go away,just use what you've as indications.

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