You see my son Trent was born with a very severe case of scoliosis (curvature of the back). He had his first surgery at the age of two. At which time they placed “rods” in his back for support. Now at the age of ten he is facing yet another surgery after the first of the year. Not a good thing to look forward too, but with this condition being fatal only a few decades ago, we are happy to have the option. Trent loves your work as I do. And because of his back issues music is an avenue for him to escape his day to day struggles. And your work is a very big part of the escape for him! I ask nothing of you, other than for you to be aware that what you (all of us for that matter) do affects people and things that we could never imagine.  So on behalf of Trent and myself I would like to again say thank you!

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Good luck Trent!

I hope the surgery goes well, and I'm glad LP music is helpful to you guys, like it is to me. :) Best wishes for everything :)


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