ok who else is jizzing in their pants for the 5th album??already got lott'a info but when,where and what's the album..don't know yet.how many of you think it's ganna be like minutes to midnight?i do cuz:

rick rubin's the producer(again)

they're going socio-political-relationship-y(again)

and they're ganna be very heavy vocals(like in given up and no more sorrow,for eg.)

i wanna know what the rest of the LP army thinks though,so feel free to shower this discussion(they don't call it discussion for no reason you know!)with comments and more!




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i'm not making this up!i have better things to do!i sware whatever i've told you so far,i've read as articles.yes,it isn't a 100%confirmed if the articles are reliable,but whatever i can gather from the available sources and articles i've been coming across,i've been posting.i respect your opinion,but do not consider me a liar!i'd hate posting false information.i've just been telling you all what i found out.they may be rumours,but they were in magazines in which chester talked about the album.i'll be most deeply dissappointed if they don't release a single april16th,but if they do(chances look good)then atleast we'll be prepared!

THE_LPdood (Mod) said:

Your enthusiasm is appreciated but understand you are posting unsourced and unconfirmed information.  It would be more believable and thus, exciting, if you were to provide the information with credible sources.  I say this as a friendly warning that if by say, April 17 there is no new information, no new single released, prepare for some backlash.

Hya LP Aziz said:

btw all those who think the album isn't done WRONG!the album just needs some brushing up and the entire album won't be released later than fall!however i strongly believe that it'll come out by may or june considering all the intensive labour and  blood sweat and tears the band put into it.the single will definitely be released by april16th. and be happy cuz LP is going to relive their pride(with some electronics!).the content will not be political but rather personal!and as chester said they've never really been a political band,they're more"socially conscious"and sing about what they'd like to see more or less of in society!ya happy now?

guys don't believe me?mike just said so!see the homepage of the site!burn it down,april 16th,confirmed!NO DOUBTS!

<iframe width="475" height="267" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/9MA4WUfPYoc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I am talking about the way you and some other guys are talking about the new album, not about burn it down. I sent you a link, of course I know that it's going to be out on april 16th

Hya LP Aziz said:

guys don't believe me?mike just said so!see the homepage of the site!burn it down,april 16th,confirmed!NO DOUBTS!

but what i've gathered from the articles says this

i don't wanna start a fight..at all.there just speculations!we'll see when it comes out for sure

sorry for offending anyone in any way!i was just saying what i found out

all I know is I can't wait to hear the new song and that the album will be out in June (this from the Rolling Stones article).  Hopefully it comes out the week of my 31st b-day. That'll be awesome (my b-day is June 9th)

Can't fucking wait!

oh yeah pal!so hyped!!!i AM F**KING READY!!!

i always said that i'm not a 100% about any of this!i'm publishing what most onliners know.like i said earlier,these are just speculations!i never acted like i'm a band member,just a dedicated fan.can we keep it there.this discussion is falling apart at an alarming rate!i'm just posting what i gathered from the net and mags that interviewed chester and mike.

 yup!apparently lots of people aren't sure though..

daniel lazarov said:

see what i told you the album and the song will be like meteora +some new stuff thats all.

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