ok who else is jizzing in their pants for the 5th album??already got lott'a info but when,where and what's the album..don't know yet.how many of you think it's ganna be like minutes to midnight?i do cuz:

rick rubin's the producer(again)

they're going socio-political-relationship-y(again)

and they're ganna be very heavy vocals(like in given up and no more sorrow,for eg.)

i wanna know what the rest of the LP army thinks though,so feel free to shower this discussion(they don't call it discussion for no reason you know!)with comments and more!




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lol out of the ashes is DEAD BY SUNRISE'S debut album!rock on chaz!

maybe we'll get em classic LP back!hoping for the best!

i told it will be with old style thats the great really great news :) go go go old LP

daniel lazarov said:

i told it will be with old style thats the great really great news :) go go go old LP

oh yeah!LP's reborn!however i still believe MTM was a great album and if it's like that,it's ganna be f***ing awesome!i think,hearing from what chester's saying,they'll be songs like LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST,WITH YOU,VALENTINE'S DAY,IN PIECES..etc etc!but i'm super stoked about what i'm hearing...plus it's coming really soon!this should be EPIC!!!

yeah it will be but the songs you say only with you is good leave out all the rest was crap valentine s day was crap but i havent heared in pieces.like they say they are moving away from electronics.and thats great.MTM had just a few good songs that sounded really hard like given up,no more sorrow.i think the songs will be like papercut,with you,pushing me away and runaway

okkk let's see

i know :( i cant wait 4 it XD

Hya LP Aziz said:

Tina Das said:

it will be awesome i have high hopes :) maybe mixture of both the old and new linkin park i luv both the phases.

oh yeah tina!i'm thinking the same!the wait hurts so bad though!..


new single APRIL 16th!it's called BURN IT DOWN!i can invision bulidings falling,collapsing!bombs exploding!i don't know why but i get this feeling that the video's ganna be like from the inside..what do u guys think?let me know!

and yeah,according to mike in an LPU conference,the album's ganna be a "mixture of old and new".chester said they're loosing the metal and yes it will have old as well as new LP stuff!if they're going back to old- school LP,then i'd like the album to be called "LP:REBORN!"...of course we're not a 100%sure as to how it's ganna sound,but guess we'll find out APRIL16th...happy LP-ing till then!

btw this mike picture adequately describes just how excited i am! =D!!!

well you make me really happy with this comment.this means the album will have lots of old style songs :) you really made me happy

hahha i'm glad to hear you're happy daniel.i'm super stoked myself here!what do u think bout the title of the song?i feel excited!i hope it's really action-y and intense...still get a from the inside feeling about this

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