In Linkinparks last concert 8 new songs from the new album were played on their concert. i live in israel and i will see the band in one month there. i really exitied for them to come and i have been waiting for more then 5 years to see them. all the fans that goes to the concert pay a lot of money to see the old songs they grow up on. for 5 years i prayed that Linkin park would come so i can see their greatest hits and now acourding to wikipedia the same setlist which were on the realese show is going to be the setlist on the tour. for LP fans in america that can see them every day i bealive its ok that there will be alot of new songs on their concerts. but for me and the rest of the fans around the world that going to see them. this is the first time i am going to see them and when i will see them, i hope i will get to hear the old songs i have grown up on since the 6th grade and not to have a half concert based on the new album. on the israeli ozzfest, korn played only 2 new songs, ozzy played only 1 and soulfly didnt played new songs at all, and the fans were happy about that because the bands then cared about thier fans. i dont expect that linkinpark wont play new song at all i got nothing againt the new album. however that since all the fans all over the world want to see the old songs first. since many countries are going to see LP for the first time i expect LP to show that thier care about thier fans and play not more then 5 new songs or to play more songs on their setlist so the new songs wont come instead of the old songs...

i hope the band will bring that to their attention for thier fans.


From Hybrid Theory

[edit] From Meteora

[edit] From Minutes to Midnight

[edit] From A Thousand Suns

  • The Requiem
  • The Radiance
  • Jornada del Muerto
  • Waiting for the End
  • Wretches and Kings
  • Fallout
  • Iridescent
  • The Catalyst

[edit] From Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The Album

this is the new setlist acourding to wikipedia if anybody want a better setlist let them hear your voice!!

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yee you right ....
Breaking the habit
lying from you
Given up
what i've done
figure 09
No more sorrow
waiting for the end
the catalyst
Burning In The Skies
and one
one step closer
in the end
( more songs from the old albums and less from a 1000 suns)
I wish I could see old lp and what I've prayed to see :))
Well it is A Thousand Suns world tour 2010 so i think there might be more A Thousand Suns songs!!!!!

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