I just got done playing this in a chat room. It was pretty hard, believe it or not. for every letter of the alphabet, we write one word related to Linkin Park.



A- Apple

B- Blue

C- Cat


The rules are simple:


1. You can post words related to Linkin Park. Names, words out of lyrics, song titles, the abbreviations we use.

2. Words such as and, but, or, to, the, a, and other common words, cannot be used.

3. You cannot post more than one word in a row.

4. No phrases or sentences!

5. You can write a word backwards if you need it to fit a letter.

6. You can't skip letters.


Let's see how far we can take this!


Start with "J".

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valentine's day
for X-XERO
valentine's day
Wretches & Kings :)

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