Well....that's it I was just bored, so I wanted to know some opinions xD

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Optimus Alive 2007
um well i would like to say sydney 15th december 2010 but i know it wasnt their greatest (it was my favourite) but probably 2008 projekt revolution milton keynes it was infront of 65000 people

Best concert for me was January 18th, 2004 when they played Nassau Coliseum.  Was right in the front of the stage.  They played all my favorite songs (when crazy when Mike did Step Up, Its Goin Down and of course Nobody's Listening) but IMO its the best concert because Chester actually came down to the pit and was standing right in front of me singing.  I honestly thought that I was going to be pulled under the crowd cause people were pushing like crazy.  I had to grab onto Chester's arm so that I wouldn't get pulled under the crowd.  Didn't realize that Chester has some muscles.  (after the show I lost all of my LP CD collection....over $200 worth of CD's including imported singles and albums :( ) but that was the best concert I've been to.


Second best was the first time they went to MSG (2.21.08) awesome concert but the surprise at the end was the best.  My friends' thought that the show was over but I refused to leave, they asked why and I told them that they close the show with "Bleed It Out" which they didn't do yet. So alot of the people were leaving and I told my friends just wait.  The crowd rushed back in and then they surprised the crowd with Jay-Z and did Numb/Encore.  My seats were shitty but that performance was the best

I agree with Mike. I think the best LP concert is the first one that you ever go to. The first time I ever saw Linkin Park (and the only time so far) was just a few days back here in Houston. The last one on their North American leg of the tour. The best thing I've ever seen.
Well, in my opinion, it's Linkin Park's headlining performance at the Sonisphere festival in England. The crowd was amazing. Chester's voice was stronger then ever. The whole band really just rocked out there. That show should had been released as a Live album. Would have been much better than Live in Texas and Road to Rev.

Last Year in Berlin! That was so great. One of the best concerts i have ever been to!

Since Live in Texas in 2003, last night, Rock in Rio 2012, in Lisboa, PORTUGAL! IT WAS FUCKING EPIC!

I see all the 6 concerts in portugal and i'm with tiago duarte that last was epic, in my opinion was the best... LP Rules \m/

Brasil 2004 and 2012 !

i think the iyunes festival 2011 was the greatest

Rock In Rio Lisboa 2012

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