I was thinking,,,

We can disguise about a thousand suns, or it is good or bad... But that's not the question... The question is what is your oppinion?

So you can count all the goods and the bads to get a statement, but better you ask for the best song of the album, then you can listen to someones oppinion. 

So we can disquise more on sounds and tastes of people without definitif bad or good!

So my question to all you guys is: What do you think that is the best song of album thousand suns? and Why then?

My favorite song is "the messenger" 'cause it gets so much feelings with it... and the vocal performance is great and not that computorized.


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Blackout, because I think it has so much feeling with it.
And Chester sounds freaking amazing.
I was instantly attracted to the sound of Iridescent... it's a really beautiful song, love the gang vocals too.
Waiting for the End
I love how it is arranged and how mike & chester do their parts
The concept of the lyrics I get a kick out of.
Blackout or iridescent id say.
Blackout,Wretches of King, and The Catalyst.
As soon as I heard the intro, without a doubt Blackout, I'm really feelin' the sound and lyrics, especially the contrast in vocals between Chester and Mike
The Catalyst, Waiting For The End, Blackout, Burning In The Skies, Iridescent, and The Messenger are the best.
Wretches of King cause it aint lp style and it sound "let me say mind blowing"

In fact, my favorite album of LP is A Thousand Suns. And my favorite song from it is 'Robot Boy'.

Why? Well, because I found that linkin park showed us, fans, that they changed their style, tasting new experiences and this marked an increased maturity in their compositions. That's why I'm a great fan of this band. And Robot Boy revealed such a research from the musical to the vocal perspective that made me melt the first time I heard it. It's the only song I'm never bored listening to. I really like this new style they've adopted- Don't change LP!

I just hope linkin park will add this essence in their future compositions and continue to amaze us. Keep it up guys!

"Minutes To Midnight" Leave Out All The Rest,Bleed It Out,Shadow Of The Day,What I’ve Done

Wow. The Messenger was probably the worst song on the album, SOOO out of place, they could'v easily replaced it with New Divide.

When they come for me and wretches and kings were insane tracks! Burning in the skies and irridescent were good too.

Iridescent is very powerful. It kills me a little bit every time I hear it.
But Robot Boy is probably my favorite song.
Then, maybe Blackout, or Wretches and Kings. Idk they're all my favorite! lol

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