the catalyst preview is out but why are some people hating it

i personally like it, yeah thers some techno but its just 30 secs!

NU METAL is about mixing other genres with rock so i dont see what

some people are going on about it

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When any band changes its sound dramatically, there is bound to be some kind of revolt against it. People are reluctant to change, because they are nervous about what it will sound like. They do not want the band to ruin itself. Therefore, to let their anger out, they post hate comments on places like youtube. I happen to be one of the lucky few that actually likes their new sound and think that the catalyst will be great like you. Also, I tend to think that the haters of the new lp are going to post more on youtube than the likers. The likers might be afraid their comment might be shunned by the haters. All in all, haters are more open to expressing their feelings about things than lovers.
new stile haters are not real lp fans who cares about them.LP ROCKS WHATEVER THEY DO
What you need to understand is that their music will never be perfect enough for everyone in the world to like. So there will always be people that dislike it. I love it but the fact that everyone keeps calling it techno is far-fetched. Techno sounds nothing like this, this is more electronic rock or progressive than it'll ever be techno.
some people can't cope with their 'favorite band' growing up.
I think of this be greath but,If the new songs are a fucking shit? Very trade songs ? :S I don't know what i must to think,but i want to come open the new album in Argentina :)

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