Have any of you guys received "The Catalyst" early yet? Mike said that we would recieve it early if we pre-ordered something from the site. I pre-ordered the digital version (I'm getting the huge deluxe version in October, I just want something to keep me going until then) but I haven't received the song yet.

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They said we'd get it before anyone could BUY it. not before anyone heard it
I think there is a red button in your right corner of the monitor so press it and never come back thank you.....

Jesse Alan Berry said:
linkin park likes screwing their fans these days, pushing album release dates and not doing what they say they are going to do. they are quickly becoming one of the laziest bands in history cause they got a case of the big head. they are already all over apple's nuts and if it isn't bad enought they can't keep any promises they make to fans cause they fuck off too much. i preordered life starts now by three days grace and got break when they promised. at least they don't act like linkin park
yeah cause i wanted a reply from a gay emo kid that beats off to samurai and ninja japanime get lost kid
btw everyone the catalyst is now out you can download it on itunes or from your preorder so before everyone else was just a bunch of bullshit
Got It!, Love It! Eagerly anticipating the rest of the album.

Thanks Guys!
I pre-ordered mine on July 26th and I still don't have mine! WTF!

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