The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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The video is awesome!
It really matches the music so well and the atmosphere is very mestirious.
Thank you for such a nice work!!!
От увиденного пошли мурашки по телу, это буря эмоций, Linkin Park не перестаёт удивлять, спасибо парням за то что они есть!)
SENSATIONAL! Really makes you have an emotional response! Great work...but would we expect anything else??
quality video!! loved every second of it!!! good work Joe!!!
Joe congratulations on the amazing job....I liked the video very much and it will surely go to my -best music videos libary- =) greetings from Croatia!
I love it! (rock)
Great job Joe!! This video is perfect for this amazing song... Can't wait for the album....
d video is awesome u guys did a gud job in making it but u guys changed some lyrics.
Great video, I loved the song since the first moment I've heared it, and I expected the video to similiar to the song, and it is. Great work Joe, as usual, the video is sensational! I like its stile and the idea that it tries to expres... all the guys and you made a great job, I LOVE IT! Keep it up, I can't wait to hear your new album, I bet it's awesome like everything that you do...

Greetings from Uruguay!
Hello Mr. Hahn!

Well firstly, congratulations on such an EPIC job. I am very honestly going to say this: This is the by the far the finest, sharpest and moving video by Linkin Park. So... all my congratulations.

Ok, so as to what I thought of the video and my own personal interpretation of it:

1. I am a media student, and they have taught us some stuff about video editing and effects, so I automatically look into your work. I am not very interested in videography, but watching some of the stuff you've done is great, because it shows how much one can do with one's mind. So again, AWESOME!

2. My interpretation: I thought, rather I felt, that the song is about the Day of Judgement a.k.a. the last day of the planet. To me the smoke and the water are ironic symbols; because one is connected to fire, and the other to life. And the song says: 'Will we burn inside the fires of a Thousand Suns?' It could be taken as a reference to Hell, I suppose... I don't know much about symbolism and theology, but this is what stood out to me. Also, I'd like to point out: In the video for Leave Out All the Rest, towards the end, it shows Chester standing in front of that huge sun full of thousand fires; and then the band joins him there. For some reason, the Catalyst (video) to me seems to me like a vague continuation of that... Somehow even the lyrics go hand in hand: 'When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done' and then 'God Save Us Everyone, Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns, for the sins of our...'

3. The video for the Catalyst is easily my favourite. Not because of the awesome and amazing techniques you've applied or the varied shots... it gives a very clear meaning: Everything will be smoke, water and ashes in the end. And for reasons unknown, the last shot of Chester like that lying in the water gave me goosebumps and a chill. I was really shaken... THIS IS BY FAR YOUR BEST.

Congratulations on such an awesome effort, and I assure you, we love it and look for more from you and the band. Keep rocking and God Bless.

All my love,
It is a superb video in so many ways. Chester singing while he is in the water looks smooth as well as Mike sitting in the back af the car. The smoke and masks add a dramatic feeling. Joe, you are the best video director on this planet! I love it. Today is one of the best days of 2010!
Absolutely spectacular. One of my very favourites to date. The video enhances everything in the song so beautifully that it is almost overwhelming - it really tells a story! I never doubted that you'd come up with something incredible, but somehow you still manage to take me by complete surprise, every time - this is better than I'd ever thought possible! Great, great work, guys.

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