The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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Absolutely amazing ~ you guys are so cool ~ can't wait for Paris 25 October to hear the new album tracks live ~ and your unforgettable other songs! We love you Linkin Park X
It's Awesome video!!!
come on guys what has happened to you!!!! that song changes your style totally...... Bleed it Out, No More Sorrow, Given Up, the entire Hybrid Theory cd, Meteora, that is your style!!!! not this...... I hope you can get back to those times......
Amazing video Joe !
I can't find words to describe how much I like it :) Mike is such a masterful :)
Great! great! great !
You're an awesome director ;)
Feedback from a film student:

I like the aesthetic of the yellow smoke. Chester looked brilliant. I especially liked the shots of him in the water. The whole thing felt surreal. But I think you kind of lost that timeless, 'lost somewhere-in-time-and-space' feel when you showed the band members, especially Rob. It suddenly felt 'real'. Like they're all just standing around with a fog machine. It was possibly the awkward framing. He was on the ground, whereas Chester was all over and you couldn't really tell where he was (which gave it the ethereal feel). When you saw the band, you could see exactly where they were. They were all flat on the ground and it looked a bit crowded - definitely not 'infinite' like I thought you established with Chester.

Why is it necessary to always have them playing their instruments? It felt very material (as opposed to the unearthly feel I keep talking about) and spoiled it a little for me. After all, a guitar is just a guitar. A drum set is just a drum set. A bass is just a bass. The music comes from the people playing them - they're just pieces of wood (or whatever). I know what a guitar looks like and don't really care to see close ups of strings or whatever. When there was a CU of the guitar, I don't think there was even a solo or anything. Everything should be motivated.

I didn't understand the part when there were clones or something running around. And it was sort of only in that one shot and never again.

Also, not sure about the colours. It went from yellow to coloured, to yellow again. The shots in that looked pretty nice, but the symbolism of that wasn't clear for me. I also didn't think the colours matched with the yellow. It felt a bit off.

And none of the shots of Mike were very flattering. I think the hood was a little bit dramatic also. No one else was dressed up.

And I wouldn't have known it's about the end of the world unless you said so. The only thing that really supports that is the shot of the buildings, and that was not very long at all.

This is all intended as constructive criticism; I hope it comes across that way. >_>

Can't wait to see what you do next.

joe - just watched the video all i can say is, its be expected i suppose from such an amazing band, like everyone else i can't wait to get the album thanks guy;s.
There is too many parts when I see only Chester's mouth in water! :'D lol
A-MAZING video. I really liked it. i didn't really get the point, but i guess now that you say it. i do
An idea impresses about doomsday, but also self video pleased in smog))
I understand so, paints were in video for that, that to create an atmosphere, that is created in the world)
An idea pleased also about god in a machine)
To me not clearly only one, why chester in water in the closing date of life ?
AWESOME!!!! Dark and gloomy. I like it, good job!!
Wht extraexplanation needed knowning the video by Joe hahn.....

You have won over your challenge.As usual iT's OUTSTANDING @ awe.......some!! You Made It Sir.

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