The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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The video is cool,but...I know the smoke should be cool but i don´t like it ´cause you have to task your eyes to catsch something in the smoke ;D But that with the paint is nice :)
This is an absolutely amazing video!
Fitting for this incredible song!!!!!
The video makes the song more epic! I love it!
Can't wait for the album! :P
Video is cool - I'd like to see more and more, but where's ELEPHANT?))))))))))))))))))
I really really like the new music video ''Catalyst''.. Good job Mike, Brad, Chester, Phoenix and gang...Linkin Park rocks the world!!!
This video is spectacular!!! Joe you never cease to amaze me. LP videos are always head and shoulders above all the other music videos in the industry, and this video is no exception. The concept was brilliant and perfectly executed. This is definitely my favorite Linkin Park video to date.What I love most about Linkin Park is that you're not afraid to stretch boundaries and grow as artists and musicians. In the same way Joe, you're not afraid to stretch the boundaries of what a music video is and what it should convey to it's viewers and as a fan I appreciate that so much. I appreciate that you are allowing us to take this journey with you as you grow with each album and each music video. Job well done!
I just loved the new video. You know how to spend the essence of music for him.
And I must congratulate you too, Joe. Because this video is very perfect. Optimal its direction.
I think this has become the best video of Linkin Park, until now.
I love it!! so great!!!
I can't wait for the album!!
great work guys!!! love u!!!
The video is awesome, I saw it just in the minute it was released and I loved it from beginning to end. I think the video really matches the song and you guys took your creativity to a new level. I gotta say Joe, you just keep getting better and better with your videos,and I'm really proud that Linkin Park is one of the very few bands that actually directs their own videos and gets involved in everything you put out, videos, artwork, CD booklets, it's a unique and and round experience and I just want to let you guys know that we can see that, we can see how hard you work and how committed you are to every single project there is for Linkin Park.

The video is really original, the smoke really brings some mysticism to it and when I saw Chester's takes on the water, those where you can only see his mouth and some sort of reflection of it, it inmediately reminded me of some of the artwork of ATS, specifically the one with the wings and the jaw. You just know how to portray someting and relate it to the album itself.

I've had a great experience so far with The Catalyst so I am pretty sure you guys won't let me down and that A Thousand Suns will not be an ordinary album but a piece of art composed by imagery, video and sounds. You guys are taking the music to a whole new level and breaking boundaries with that open approach you have on things.

I can still remember how you guys broke the mold when you did Collision Course with Jay-Z, your originality takes you to do things that nobody has thought of and even though it represented a risk for you at the time, you came out successful and more respected as artists.

Thanks very much Linkin Park for bringing to us more of your work, I'm really looking forward on getting my CD/DVD!

--All the best
Eudis De Freitas (Venezuela)
well joe, what can i say... u've been a awsome director since day 1!!! linkin park as a whole just has it... it never fades or dies out with the times like other bands.... ya'll just have something so magical that consistantly just grabs our attention! all your true die hard lp fans couldn't possibly live w/out what ya'll do, it would be like not breathing! so keep up the fab work n keep rockin.... needless to say the video was stellar- as always!! love ya'll! <3
dying to hear more songs........
love u guyz
The video was EPIC!!!

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