The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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We all enjoyed the music video . My boyfriend, my son and me. The song is good too! Great job guys!
With reference to MTV article: New clip sees LP pushing the envelope even further.
quote: "The danger of alienating their fanbase is very real, and the results could be catastrophic." No fear LP - not in my life.
I first heard you on RAGE (Aussie music program) destroying the poor analogue speakers of my trusty 48cm tv with 'One Step Closer' in 2000 and you had my musical soul captivated.
I find most post 1990's bands/music juvenile, simple and disrespectful of human intelligence.
You can take on board criticism, as would any artist, - but please - from my soul which thrives on your magic - never surrender to negativity and continue to evolve and express. Any true LP follower feels the intense emotion and raw substance your sound produces.
I'm in love with The Catalyst already (I've listened to it twice and watched the clip 5 minutes ago).
Once again - you boys have outdone yourselves. Just when I start to wonder 'What else can they possibly do?' - you make more magic for us. Thank you. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album and seeing you again in concert.
I have been a fan of every album so far, and this has me really excited. Ever since hearing New Divide and now The Catalyst, I've been CRAVING this side of LP. The old albums are still great, but this new direction has me wanting more. Can't wait for the album guys! Hope to see you in Atlanta soon!
it is a really cool videoo

the song is alsoo really cool

Great job, Joe. This video was really good, and really fit the song. Even though Mike said it was easy, I'm sure it took a lot of effort to get everything right.
The music video was amazing. Seriously that's really good work you did I'm blown away (of course it's LP). Awesome just awesome. I loved how abstract it was :)
Great video and great song. It took me a bit to get used to the last LP album but I'm ready for something new and different and even though you can definately tell this is LP, it's not the same old stuff! Awesome!
Joe, I cant Wait!! I'm very excited :D
at the beginning was not used to the track, because the pace is not the style of music that you do, but really now I love the song, I want that you know that will have my support from Venezuela, and I buy the new album when it goes on sale!

xoxo. <3
My first impression of the video:
It caught my attention right away, and it kept it for the most part. There were a couple moments when it lost its hold.
The pictures of the mouth kind of threw me off a bit though and the part with Mike in the car and mouthing words, but no his voice wasn’t heard took me away from the concept. I was completely drawn in and then that part brought me back out of the video.
The smoke is an awesome concept and the water I thought was weird at first but it went with the video really well.
I still find the video awesome, and I love your creativity! And Mike with the one finger up makes me laugh.
It’s a really good video; I can’t wait for the new album XD! Yay Linkin Park! Btw, love Mike singing, but the mouth throws me off at that part with him singing. But still love it!
The Catalyst music video is super awesome! I love the collor effects and green smoke mixed with the misery face of the guys playing and singing. It's so artistic! Congratulations guys!! See ya in Brazil.
Wow . . . Visually, it's very interesting - unlike anything I've seen. I must say the last minute of the video outshines the rest, as does the last minute of the song itself. Great concept. As always, well-executed - love the ending.
sweet!!!! can't wait for the album to come out! XD

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