The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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You are amazing! Thirst time i heard the song i was shaking! Completley amazing, thank you LP for existing!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL No its not!

Grannite said:
I shall be severe)
The idea is good, but
1 - it is too much a smoke, because of which in general nothing it is visible.
2 - it is too much teeth of Chester
And 3 - when there is a paint, except for snow-white teeth of Mike nothing can be visible)))

P.S.: Clip is very similar on "from the inside" (2003)
i can't wait anymore, i love Linkin Park rule
Phung Quang Huy said:
i can't wait anymore, i love Linkin Park rule!!
i liked it!! i like that mike had "a dark side" cuz thats sumthing different
but it works
great job guys
u rock!
the video was preety awesome
but the song didnt had the feel of lp
and what the hell happened in the end, it was so slow n booring
Hey Joe, been a long time.
I've just saw "The Catalyst" video, so let me tell you what I really think:
Despite the greatness of the song itself, I personally don't like the video as much as the rest of the LP MVs. I mean, it's particularly good, but I disliked some part in it.
I like this version of Mike you put him in, and the idea of Chester drowning is just give me some kind of bit shivering. You gave a nice touch of how everyone in the band should act during the 'apocalypse'. My most favorite part is the bridge.
However, it was just being too focused on Chester and Mike. The crowd didn't play the main role as they were supposed to be-- if you want to talk about the end of the world or something that I think the crowd would describe. If you get what I mean, "From The Inside" is a better example of it, because I thought the idea was similar.
Overall, the video was nice, but it could be much better.
i love the way the video has been directed......and i really love the style of mike in this video......and the background of the song was awesome..
yaa the video was totally cool...

Darlene Torres said:
The video was an eye opener. You were successful in sending out that message you wanted everyone to get from the video. Lot of metaphors to be decoded from the video. There is just too much to say about the video, it's great. Keeps everyone thinking. And as a lot of us have noticed, it had that Star Wars feel when it came to Mike, when he was reaching his hand out to the camera, it had that Obi Wan Kenobi feel to it. (haha) But that's just a thought.

Again, there is too much to say that I don't know where to start.

Everyone has different ideas from the video and we could go on and on about it. But for now here's what what we all thought in common after the video ended.

The words in our minds were "That is Linkin Park."
The video is great -dark, just great. But (always -but-) "the catalyst" doesnt souds like LP... Is it me or ;))
I agree,at the 1st time is was kinda strange ear the new line of LP,it doenst sound like them,dont get me wrong,i like the song,is just that,it doesnt sound like linkin park,but well,i have faith on the band,and i hope the new album is gonna be good.

tomislav said:
The video is great -dark, just great. But (always -but-) "the catalyst" doesnt souds like LP... Is it me or ;))

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