The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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Como sempre não esperava menos que o melhor do LP
na produção do vídeo. ficou muito legal!
Você são sempre criativos, e isso não faltou. Parabéns!
Agora queremos ver os outros!
I have to say it was the best video so far. It made me feel like I´m in the last moments of destruction, yet believing that from the colorful ashes it will once again rise. Mike resembled an orator and was really cool. Chester was like a kappa as he sang in the watery grave screaming as the voice of the Earth. The wipeout in the end was awesome when everything went to ashes.
The chance between colour to black and white worked. One thing I noticed was that it resembled the message of the song and the album. I hope you make the others linked with this somehow, because the album is unique. It also should go with the theme of it and use same colour or filming style or other that would give a clue that this is from the Thousand Suns and non other. For example make all of them animation or use pastels as colour(yuck).
I´m new in the forum so if you want more opinions feel free to add as a friend.
It was awsome :-)
the best music video ever
the video is really cool
It blew me away... it was fresh, exciting, poignant, challenging, excellerating, mindful, dark, colorful, brooding and so much more.... A real feast of Yin & Yang.....

I appreciated Joe's work on a totally new level of wanting to bring balance in an already over fast hurtling out of control world we live in.... calling us to be challenged, not just accept what's going on around us... that even in the thickest fog we have a voice.. we have the ability to change/challenge what is happening and that out of the ashes we are able to get through it....

I loved the way Mike was hooded, like the grim reaper reminding us time is short, that we are running out of time, whilest Chester calls from the watery grave.... Part of me wondered if this was a small reminder that there are still victims from Hurricane Katrina that still live in absolute poverty & still feel unheard?

It was great to see the masked figures, a reflection or continuation from their previous works....Frgt/10 however in this video the masked figures are the agonists rather than the protagonists - a reflection of how we can change our position - from being the passive to aggressive dependent on the situation surrounding/involving us....

Finishing with the colored chalk dust... that was awesome, that even in sepia can explode into a thousand colors!
i like thousand suns very much!! amazing...UR The best!!
I think you guys ten to do the music video of the Burning Skies, why I showed all my colleagues who do not like rock, and they enjoyed the music.
Joe Hahn is my hero ^^!!

I wanted my friend to listen to the catalyst to hear what she though of it, so I put the video on youtube, I Hadn't seen it yet, and then... Holly f****** s*** IT'S AWESOM!!!!

Thank you ;)
linkin park rules .........never ever die!!!:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
if they died rock would be no good!
it is for me

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