The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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It's on MTV 2 on Sky Digital

christine hardingham said:
Being in the UK we can't see it on the links provided.

Hey Joe this video is amazing i love it :D
at 2pm

Liam Judge said:
It's on MTV 2 on Sky Digital

christine hardingham said:
Being in the UK we can't see it on the links provided.

Just saw the Video on and I am definately impressed by the way you guys try to reinvent the b(r)and that is Linkin Park.
I mean the song is really tough on most fans ears. You broke so many structures (no Verse / Chorus etc) that are common in popular music. So the song, as well as the video do require some intelligence to comprehend and enjoy. The Video underlines the beginning of something new, the revolutiion, the journey into something new while catalyzing what was there before. "Lift me up, let me go".

So Mr Han, in case you actually read this, really great artistic work! I really hope that Linkin park will finally be able to get rid of their "pop band image" and stand for something that can be called art.

Cheers from Germany,

P.S. I never got the deal with EA. Just because Eminem got a song on Modern Warfare, you don't need one on Medal of Honor. In the context of that game, the song is pointless and I think it was a wrong choice to give out that game trailer you made before the actual music video to the Catalyst.
hey guys i loved this video. OMG...i was extremely inpressed. This has become my newest favorite LinkinPark video. Keep it up. Cant wait to hear the whole album. love you guys. Happy to be apart of your fan base.
Joseph you are a genius! This video masterpiece! You did a great job!You're the most talented director in the world!
This vid was awesome!!!
If this is an indicator of what the rest of the album is like, i cant wait.
Great Work Joe!
Will you do the music videos for the other possible singles??

I have the same phenomenal bass as Pheonix!!
I love how the music video ties in with current worldly problems. Linkin Park has evolved, but it was for the better.
that is exactly how it was portrayed !! most videos dont relate to their lyrics and sound but that totally did ! so well done and i thats got me definately wanting to buy the album when it come out !
Hey guys!
I loved your new video! Linkin park is my favourite band and is amazing how you don't have afraid to try new things, and, in my view, this point, is what make linkin park so special, you are excelent in what you do and you can still try new ideas, and improve what you are! Linkin park is the band that you can listening all albuns without say "hmmm, this music... i really don't like it!" because all of linkin park's music are excelent, all different and all unique! I'm completely "in love" for lp for a long time, I continue listening others bands but even if i want to change my "favourite band" i can't because there isn't other band like linkin park, and when i saw the video i understand why linkin park is what it is, i still interested in linkin Park, even after i find every thing about you, and even after i listening 10000000 times all of your musics!
I'm a portuguese girl so sorry if I have a lot of mistakes in my text!
Continue with the excelent work, and continue surprised all the fans that you have around the world!
Ps: when linkin park came to Portugal for a own concert? i will love to have the oportunity to met you, i talk to you about the band and albuns and stuffs like that! (i play piano, and i'm bassist like phoenix, i'm a art student, and mike, your painting, are, a lot of times, my biggest inspiration!) x)
Thank you guys for the good time that you give me when i'm reading about you, listening your musics, see your concerts or even make drawing of your band ;)
Nice work! =)
Totally Legit. Keep the great work up guys
ummm....i mean its ok, but its not something i could listen too everyday,i think its coming close to OneRepublics style and you shouldnt do that cause only they can do it, but hey thats just my opinion and i cant decide what you guys want to make. LOVE YA LINKiN PARK, i would love to here another album similar ,but of course new, too hybrid theory and meterora.
well i will look forward to the other songs on the album, but still good job

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