The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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Joe, you are amazing director! Try to remove a feature film with all the guys from the group. favorite moments a time-lapse and paints.
I looked through some of the comments and I must say unfortunately I disagree.

I will criticise the video assuming I understood what the video wants to tell us.

I, personally, didn't like the whole Chester-underwater scenes because I couldn't connect those scenes with the context of the song. Also the "destroyed city/world" image could be better (more visual, less foggy). Maybe -for instance- showing some people "living under loaded guns" and despair on their faces would be more dramatic.

Well, enough of negative criticism. I really liked the atmosphere though, kinda telling everything will fade at the end. But the best part is the timing I guess. You really did a great job finding the key moments of the song
(reminds me the music video of "Faint") and gave me a rush of blood every time Rob hits the cymbals.

All in all, thank you for your effort on making this video and thanks again to Linkin Park for making me
anxiously wait for their newest album.

Great work, Joe! I Like it )
Я думаю, что клип получился очень замечательным, я в восторге от вашего нового клипа! Супер! Так держать!

I think the video turned out very remarkable, I am delighted with your new video! Super! Keep it up!
It`s absolutly amazing and special efects .I want more!
Guys the video is just AWESOME!!! It's 5 minutes (sort of...) of world reality. This is what we have become. Pretty Amazing JOE! See you guys on October 7th in Argentina!!!!!!
it´s awesome more than awesome there are no words to describe it, is an incredible video like the others that you´ve directed before, now just wait for the album this is a really amazing start with the catalyst

Dude this video shows the world again that Linkin Park is not only THE best band in the world but also one of the most original bands on this planet.
Cant wait for the other video's of the album!
Keep on rocking you guys!
Loved Mike's parts. the idea of it being the end of the world is interesting. I would not have picked up on it had i not seen this.

I know that this is completely different from where you guys have been in music and creativity. Looking forward to see where it's all going.
I think this video was done quite well. Your overall message comes through strong and clear and everything including clothing choice plays a role. It has a very appocolysp style chaotic feel that translates well with the song. Great Job Joe! Keep up the good work!
different style ,really crzay about it!
shocked and feeling a stream of happiness with tears in!

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