The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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The video was great! Only thing confused me was the part with just Chester's mouth doubled up in the water...didn't get that but I loved the rest! The color explosion (way to take one for the team!) was incredible. I found it poetic. Mike looked like the creepy grim reaper! LOL Thanks Joe, I appreciate all your hard work! *HUGS*
Linkin Park, i'm a very happy man after watching this video ! Loved every bit of it ! Especially the part where Joe makes his entry...
I did expect to see more of Rob towards the end though.
Hi Joe!
Dont know if you ever get to read this but its worth a try:

In overall I liked the video. I liked that you sort of made chester's parts really abstract and ugly. (two mouths etc) It shocked the viewer.
But what I didnt like is: it was too monotone (for me) maybe more diversity (e.g more different scenes with different LPmembers in the spot) and the whole video was a bit too blurry, too many frames that changed quickly. I had often to replay parts to see what was happening.

But I liked how you put Mike into the seat for the lead singer (which he almost is on ATS -> I pre-listened the album = MASTERPIECE)
and the idea with the coloured sand/powder was good, but maybe it would have been better to use paint?
Oh and speaking of that: I loved how the guitars seemed to fall apart, I think I saw some blackdrops falling of the bass, just like its vaporing away!

It's not your greatest video, but it still was okay.
Dear Joe,
When first seeing previews for this video, I admit that I was a little skeptical about the whole concept of the video. Confusion sums up the feelings I had towards the images of smoke and colored powder that I was seeing. When I saw the "Making of" video, I saw and felt the energy portrayed in the short clips I seen. After watching the premiere of "The Catalyst" music video tonight (this morning), I can honestly say that I am in awe, yet I expected the quality of the work you and the rest of the band put into making what we hear and see today. I had to watch the video a few times to fully interpret every aspect of it, and to find out the "meaning" of it all. I feel as though the video used great imagery to portray darkness, despair, hopelessness, and destruction, while at the same time allowing the viewer to relate to the emotions by giving the "characters" an energy that can be portrayed through video. The viewer was allowed to feel the pain and sadness, while at the same time have chills sent up their spines and goosebumps on their arms from the eeriness of the video. The colors and the lighting were spot on, and the vibrancy of the powder added to the intensity of the destruction in the scene. In the end, this video got me to think, and allowed me to find a deeper meaning in a well thought out video. "The Catalyst" is truly a breath of fresh air, and just what we needed from an innovative band such as Linkin Park. Thank you so much for creating such a great piece of work.

While i was watching the video, i felt something so true and sweet, as the video which wholeheartedly completes the song, has a deeply touching sense. And by that time i was totally submerged by that upset fact: Those threats are just leading human kind to " the moment of devastation".
Anyway, again, I feel so proud to be a Linkin Park fan. Who else could widely spread the words deep inside like you guys?
*I cried. I feel something deep in my throat that i totally cannot swallow. LP is officially back, back for me to be on my way shouting out your another marvelous work!*

really like your quote Joe xD "What
would it be like if someone could push a button to decide our fate?
What would it feel like if we accept our fate in the moment of
devastation? How would we celebrate our one final living moment?"
Apocalyptic death party is all I can say...this is now my favorite LP video to date. Very dark and haunting, kinda abstract- it reflects the music perfectly. Great's even better than I expected. LP has outdone itself once again:)
I can't wait for A Thousand Suns.
It was definatly fitting! That has made me say "Only Linkin Park does such a great video" I totally loved it! Although it was scary at some parts, specially the parts of Chester in the water. Still didn't quite get every symbol in the video, but thatz because I just slept 1 hour and woke up then to watch The Catalyst premire on MTV lol.

But well, you did see the topic of the video, about apocalypse. The destroyed buildings and the color of the video in general and the gas were totally hinting at it and gave the lyrics another meaning. Also the Lift me up, let me go part then, which made me even shiver more there, cuz it's like a desperate cry for hope then to get out of this darkness, out of the apocalypse. The drowning part of Chester, where he is in the ocean and only gets his head out a bit is supporting totally that topic, that you can really drown in such darkness, that you can't find your way out and die, like Chester did at the end of the video. So he represents the hopeless people, who can't get out of the darkness. These people running in panic fits in there too, cuz they are all scared and dunno what to do.
But there is also hope. Because they are fighting the gas masked people, who caused the apokalypse. We can see that they are the onces to blame because that smoke we see in the video is coming out of their mask (little sitenote: it's also good to see that the gas masked dudes are back =) Maybe also a symbol that Linkin Park is still Linkin Park). And Mike gets a real role as the catalyst, because he somehow looks like the leader of the rebells or of the people in general who are pissed about the apokalypse caused by some regiment or something. He seems to be that big deal, the catalyst, because of the Limosine and because he is the one, who attacks first one of these gas masked people and then the others do so too. And with his hand reaching out in the limo, where there is the solo, stands for "Hold on, there is still a chance" I guess (hand open and the 1 finger). So he represents the hope, while Chester the hopeless or the head of the force, who caused the apokalypse, both possible, if you consider that Mike being the catalyst and brings drown the people, who caused the apokalypse. The try to change this world by making it more colorful is also really cool, it stands for a change, away from the monotone, life will, making the world a better place. So they are not accepting this kind of fate and try to change it.

I love it a lot. U did an awesome job there! It's really great! It's one of the best videos I've ever seen. But well, you guys always do great music videos, In The End is my fav. one. And now that I remember, these 2 videos ain't that much different. Anyways, really great music video, fits to the song perfectly =)
The video is AWESOME!!!!!!! congratulations Joe!!!!!!! you did a great work!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much!!!!
Cant wait for more music videos to come!!! LP is back!!!
i love you guys
This video is super amazing!! i wish you had left your scratch solo from the beginning of the song in it though!! But super incredible, deep message like most of your videos and songs. Mr. Hahn, YOU ROCK \,,/
oh .. cant be viewed outside usa :D either of them. poo

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