The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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The video is fantastic. I will say I do like Linkin Park's older songs better. However I don't feel the change is bad, just different. As for the Video, it suited the song very well. On another note, the video also reminds me of LP's older videos, which is good. Gives it the LP feel. =^.^=
You know what?? It brings me back to the 90's, with that techno beat. it reminds me of techno bands like 2unlimited, mixed with your sound, A NEW HYBRID WAS BORN, great song! At first, I found it strange, like something that you've never done before (I'm the "elder" here in Uruguay, I'm following you guys since 1999. I literally threw my limp bizkit cd's to the trash can back then, hehe).
Great Job!!, you're always taking a step forward with your music. I'm sure that some rookies will appear trying to copy your unique style, AGAIN.
Thanks for everything!!! I really like the video, it's up with my favourites, hehe.
First of all, hi to everyone,

as always with any song from you I was very excited about the video and the new song. If I were an artist, I may come up with an idea close to yours, with these deep emotions the song is expressing.
With your music I am able to forget everything around me.
This is why myself and my husband are eager to experience you when being in Frankfurt, Germany, in November.

All the best to everyone of you guys of LinkinPark, stay true to yourselfes.
Again a SUPER song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also a very nice GREAT clip!!!!!!!!!
Thanx guys for making me a AGAIN a proud fan!!!!!!!
Can't wait for the new album!
A very touching end, as we consume resources that could be the end for us after a few years, I am excited about the album's release, I'll love to see a concert in Quito, Ecuador, have no idea how many fans are hoping that you decide to come and bring us a show as only you can do
Hey Joe,

Gotta say, you said you thought about the end of the world coming up with this video? Well you succeeded beautifully, it was dark, Gritty and just plain awesome dude!! Can't wait for the album to come out.
It is very good but i have a few questions .
Why so many short scenes ? like for 1-2 sec. only
Why 80 or 90 % of the video is Slow-Mo ? What do u want to tell us with slow motion ?
And can you tell us what did you have in mind when you made all those people running around - is it because the end is coming and its chaos everywhere and from the panic everybody starts running ?

I'm studying Directing and I would love to discuss videos and movies and "on the set" and " how to " with you .
cool video, I'm delighted!
hell, yeah... Mr. Hahn is back... :-D nice video... but song is better... love it! ;-) nice one, guyz...
This music video is the shit. The best music video I've seen ever. It's like your new short-film. ;)
Joe Hahn, you as always Excellent!!! *_* Excellent work!!! ^_^
Yet another amazing music video to accompany a powerful lyrical piece! <3 You guys are all amazing!

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