The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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Hi Hi Hi...Joe...Thanks for add...i'm very pleased)))...and let me say a bit about video The Catalyst ?!!!...i like sooo much your video "The Catalyst"............Your work is very cool and professional in this video! I was surprised by new effects and experiments !!!!!!!! I liked the effects of bright colors and shooting in the water! Chester looks very cool in the water while trying to show the pain and suffering in the clip! Mike sings in the car also was very surprised and pleased!!! He looks very important and as if trying to warn us!.............In general we are only happy for your new creations and experiments! Thanks that you are all have)

p.s. (sorry for my bad english)
I think this is the best of all video clips LP. Guys you are the best. Continue in the same spirit.
Another epic video from Linkin Park! YEAH!
well 1st of all,the video is super cool, i love it,all that smoke and effects are pretty good,but the music.....aghh is not bad just it doesnt sound like linkin park,but i guess is fine.Anyways i expects good things from u guys.since u start,good job with the video.
take care

its ok, but i liked the old ones like crawling or one step closer types.
Impressive, can't wait for the album
Absolutely stunning!
I love the video very much. I think Mike`s performance in the video looks like the performance of a really good actor. I´m looking forward for next videos, cause Linkin Park videos are the best.
Bravo! This clip is amazing! You surpassed yourself
LP come to quito please

Diego Javier Maldonado Albuja said:
A very touching end, as we consume resources that could be the end for us after a few years, I am excited about the album's release, I'll love to see a concert in Quito, Ecuador, have no idea how many fans are hoping that you decide to come and bring us a show as only you can do
one words:


( Ebru from Turkey )

thnks for everything.....
When i heard the song and watched the music video i really got the goosebumps.. Keep up the good work guys !! so looking forward to hear the whole album !!!!

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