The music video I directed for "The Catalyst" premieres tonight on and at midnight, EST. When coming up with the idea for the video, I thought of the end of the world. After you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


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To Linkin Park .Joe the video rocks love it. The catalyst rocks ...cant wait to hear the album A Thousand Suns ...excellent work...check out our vid we made too.I made it on a sanyo xacti and a bit of light rays and its our song aswell .............GAZ I.O.N
im a big linkin park fan, but the new single or the new other songs of the new LP album SUCKS !!!
sry but this is not LP.....
points of authority, meteora. was the best of LP album

Talita Barbosa Minhoto said:
Oh my God

i can't wait anymore ;P

TnX catalyst is our favorite video due to the great messages in it,It sooooo meaning full!!!
We had a great discussion about the video in our group,about 3pages,,,,,, we discussed everypoint! we get to great point and now we call it our fave video<3
but its somehow english and persian,,,,but I realy wishhhhh u check it!!!
great video , I like it ! *thumbs up*
Sry Joe but not feeling this video...I love, LOVE the song and I loved the "Metal of Honor" "version" video so much better than this video...I really didn't get the end of world feeling, too many random images and camera tricks and dare I say it looked a little low budget?.....what was with the "mouth" shots, thought I saw a tower come down and with the use of "God Bless" lyrics I would have liked to seen a religious "symbol" of some I said a little too random for me to connect the dots ....
Que mierda es esto por Dios!
Como les puede gustar esto ni si quieres es linkin park parece mas justin bieber que otra cosa!
Soy mu fan de lp pero esto sinceramente me decepciono mucho es pura mierda nada mas!
Esperar casi 3 años para esta mierda me dan ganas de llorar!
Me hubiera gustado que su nuevo disco sea como hybrid theory o meteora pero al final hicieron esta mierda!
Lo única esperanza que me queda es esperar otros 3 años mas para ver si pueden hacer un disco decente!
Me decepcionaron linkin park!
Espero que vuelvan a como eran en sus comienzos algún día!
video is just awesome
i liked it but where is chester? in the whole video he is drowning or something and he is singing in a small part of the vid...
I loved it!!!!
Hey Joe ! I watched the video. Dreadful ! It makes me thinking to surrealist paintings made by artists like Salvador Dali or Picasso, because of the chaotic atmosphere and the yelling faces. I think in particular to the Picasso's painting "Guernica", if you know it.
About the song itself, maybe I'm wrong but it seems to be running on from the concept developped in "Minutes to midnight" about a world clock which counts the wrong way since 1945 until the end of the world.
I really appreciate Linkin Park's way of making people thinking about serious issues through its songs, like you did before with "No more sorrow" or "What I've done" and now with "The catalyst".

A new video is super cool
I like it=)=)=)

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