Dear Linkin Park,

I recently listened to your new single, The Catalyst. I have to say, you have really done a great job with this new song, and I am glad to know that I can still count on Linkin Park to deliver quality music in this musically dark age.

However, it has also come to my attention that some people, even some of your own fans, do not feel the same way I do. This saddens me very much. In my opinion, they really just do not understand the musical message you're trying to convey with this new song. For whatever reason, it just isn't accessible to them.

Linkin Park, I don't want to tell you your business, but I think that you should consider a way of getting your message across to the general public who are not so inclined to accept your music. I believe it will drastically increase public support for your musical direction, and finally win over those who at first did not realize what you were trying to do.

I am aware that you are working on a music video for The Catalyst. I saw the preview for it. It was very green and smokey, which is good. Green is my fourth-favorite color, and I enjoy clouds occasionally. However, I don't think it will truly do justice to your music. This is where my idea comes in.

Your video needs hamsters, Linkin Park.

Specifically, hamsters in small, high-tech race cars. They will drive at extremely high speeds across a desert, flying high into the air off of huge jumps and swerving just in the nick of time to avoid a crashy death. You can interlace the hamster footage with footage of yourselves playing the song.

I know, this is a radically different concept from your previous music videos, but please consider what this could do to gain support for your music! A large population of the world loves hamsters, and most anything associated with them. People will spread the word all across the internet, and the globe, of your new music video that utilizes the natural talents of hamsters in order to enhance the listening experience. It isn't a matter of seducing public favor using cuddly animals. I know just as well as you do that your new song was created with the idea of hamster races in mind. The lyrical themes of risking it all, taking a chance on life, and the pounding beats and synthesizers all mix together like bright paint colors in order to create beautiful mixtures used in a majestic painting. That painting is high-speed hamster races, Linkin Park.

I sincerely hope that you take my advice under consideration. Yes, this is my dream that I am telling you, but deep down, I think it is yours too.

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