I listened to the Catalyst... decent tune.. but then I decided to listen to some other clips and listened to QWERTY again.. you had it going all along with QWERTY right before the launch of MTM, and now this is what we get..  It sounds nothing like what we are used to.. I can understand that on a concept album and experimentation album, but we need some new material..  I am all for continued expansion of music, but do it as B-sides or something else.. You have songs like No Roads Left, QWERTY being left off of your cd's and then have Valentine's Day on the cd.. seriously?


I am not ruling out ATS yet, I am more prone to thinking The Catalyst is a "Cure for the Itch" type track on the CD in response to lack of Joe on MTM and appeasement to fans.   But let's get some progressive songs like QWERTY.. 


I am pretty convinced that Rick Rubin is responsible for all of this new material..


Bring back Dan Gilmore for your next CD after this and watch your fans role back in ;)

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I think the fact of the matter is that this isn't a So-and-so record.  It's a Linkin Park record, and whether you like it or not, the people in the band are going to be the one's who decides what they sound like.  Simply put, if you don't like it, then don't listen to it but don't bash the band and start pointing fingers at people just because you don't approve of the new direction the band has taken.  Bands grow, as does the music they write and it would be soooo boring if we just got Hybrid Theory 2.0 or Meteora 2.1 etc etc for the next 10 years. 

In case you hadn't noticed, Rick Rubin wasn't the sole person making decisions, and on the contrary, he would often just come in and express his opinion on things.  If you had bothered to watch any interview with the band or had seen the latest "making of.." dvd you would know that.  Mike produced just as much as Rick did on this record. 

If you don't like the record then you don't like the record.  It's not Linkin Parks fault you didn't grow in the same direction they did.

Oh my fuck.


QWERTY is a decent B-Side, but if it was on one of their albums, I would probably have a fit. While I do love their heavier stuff, it offers nothing more than a cool riff. Same thing with No Roads Left. No Roads Left is a great song that showcases Mike's singing talent, but there is absolutely nothing to the music besides a riff and the chorus. Valentine's Day owns both of those songs in structure. And you say later on that The Catalyst has no song structure? Uhm wtf... 


Also The Catalyst isn't a response to lack of Joe on MTM. Joe was still on MTM a decent amount, just not scratching. Also, LP has earned plenty of new fans to make up for the loss of the people who seem to not be able to fluctuate with new kinds of music... the "fans" that make arguments like "A hurr hurr it's not heavy enough." Go listen to your tween rock. 


Jesus christ I don't understand LP fans logic sometimes.

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