I have loved LP for 9 years, I was in 3rd grade, and over the years I listened to every cd they put out. Whether it be studio, remix, live.....anything! I had it. I memorized all their songs and watched the Live in Texas so much I damn near memorized Chester's moves on stage. I dealt with the BS of people saying they sucked and they weren't a real band, but I didn't care because they were MY favorite band. And then they gave me....excuse me...US they give US this...song???? Can it be called a song?? Or how bout we label it..."The sign that LP sold out...HARD!!!" What is up with this techno/electric vibe?? They used to be the definition of nu metal and creativity. All their songs were amazing and they had amazing energy on stage. Even when I was watching the Road to Revolution dvd I was like "Wtf are they wearing..." They are pop culture sellouts now and it's horrible
R.I.P LP I give up....
Born: May 1999 (Hybrid Theory EP) - Deceased: May 2007 (Minutes to Midnight)

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i love you.
Eric Wright said:
LP is not RAVE they are Rap/Rock! MTM was a huge let down this is even worse! I was hope they would make up for MTM but they FAILED, what a let down! FIRE Rick Rubin and bring back Don Gilmore! Rick Rubin messes every band up!

A Thousand Suns is utter crap!
No we wouldn't! LP can experiment, but wth is all this rave crap they are a rap/rock band.

It reminds me Chris Cornell when he made the "Scream" album. That was a complete failure!

Now he's back with Sound Garden doing ROCK better then ever!

If LP wants to do techno and experiment they should do a side project, and not under the Linkin Park name. I buy LP because I want to hear rap/rock mixed, I don't want to here rave. If you want to hear rave, pick up tiesto or something.

I completely agree with you that this has to do with producer changes. Rick Rubin is an idiot and way over hype, no substance whatsoever. He screws up every band that he gets involved with. LP should bring Don Gilmore back.
Serious FAIL with ATS.

michael said:
This has to do with producer changes as well.
The same people bitching that they want OLD LP back would be crying if they made 7 albums that sounded like HT.
z3r0 said:
It reminds me Chris Cornell when he made the "Scream" album. That was a complete failure!
Now he's back with Sound Garden doing ROCK better then ever!

Holy shit! For real? =O Must check that out then! Had no clue he joined back up with them.

And good call on the other producer thing, I forgot they switched producers since MTM. Though I also think the band themselves have a lot to say in what kind of music they make. You're making it sound as if it's the producer's call, when I think it's the band more, to be honest =\
So if they were to switch back, we'll still be screwed.
I'm not rejecting them because of this 1 song. I'm still going to play their old stuff just not this album. I won't buy this album. Will be the first LP album I won't own. I heard the whole thing and no words can describe how bad I felt after hearing it. Like I got stabbed in the heart. Go look up my review on this site

Kath said:
Dude, if you think they're gone then get the hell off this website. I thought the Catalyst was amazing, I don't care if they change their sound because to me they will always be my favourite band, no matter what. They are not changing their sound to sell records you idiot, they know that some of their fans are gonna hate it but they don't care because they love making music and they want to put their past behind them, they wanted to make something different and they have and they're happy with it. Not to mention who the hell cares what they look like?! They aren't pop and never will be pop, if you are going to completely reject them because of one song you don't like then don't bother saying you were a fan, I dont like some of their songs but I still love them.

Just deal with it.

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