Is there anyone know who is the female voice in The Requiem?just curious....please answer me ok!

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I actually wouldn't be surprised if it was an LP band mbr with digi-FX on their voice :P
maybe mike shinoda? i am just guessing....based on nothing :p

ye its Mike's Voice :)

from the concerts that they have been doing its been mike singing into an mic that alters his voice into the high pitch tone with the help of the keyboard that he brings out.
Mike Shinoda + vocoder = The Requiem (also used on Fallout, but in a different manner).
I watched Mike do this on one of the shows.  I think it was at the Weenie Roast 2011.  I believe he is using an auto-tune which can raise the pitch of your vocals.  But perhaps Astat is right with the vocoder.  I haven't looked into that yet.

yeah its mike he does it at the madison square garden concert, and his voice goes really high on no more sorrow live

It's me.

Just kidding. It's Mike with a vocoder.

maybe, robot voice, mike know about this,..

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