HT and M are both epic albums.

HT was really full of raps and metal. Meteora changed a little like rock and alternative.

They were real good music but how about MTM and ATS?

F what other people said. Kids like them never know real music, though i am 12--i know their music. MTM and ATS really much had good songs. From Metal Rap to Acoustic or Rock or Techno--don't care!

All of LP's albums are epic.. People say LP change because of money. They don't. Look deeper into MTM/ATS. So people. Tell me what you think about MTM and ATS. Linkin Park, an epic evolution.


Now, try judging these songs:

Breaking the Habit, Leave Out all the Rest, Shadow of the Day, Hands Held High, Valentine's Day, In Between, In Pieces, The Little Things you gave away, Burning in the Skies, Robot Boy, Waiting for the End, Iridescent, The Catalyst and The Messenger.

These songs were the one with most meaning and less screaming, noise, and metal.

These were the ones people hated[except for Breaking the Habit]

Ready, set, DISCUSS.

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I completely agree with you on this. I believe that MTM and ATS are brilliant albums even though I am a huge fan of HT and Meteora. LP have change alot from when they began, by adding Foreword into Meteora all the way to the likes of Wisdom,Justice and Love on Meteora, and everyone could see the band was evolving from alot of screaming and loud beats(which is what I loved and still do) to more medolic and calmer music.

The only song I dislike in the list above is Iridescent and The Catalyst is in my Top 5 LP songs of all time so personally I approve of the 'new' LP and would not mind if another album like this was made.


Forza Linkin Park.

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